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PerpleNerple 05-20-03 08:22 AM

Help on a Song II
I've heard a new Hip-Hop song here lately.

Woman singer.

Main Chorus goes:

Ladies, Hands up
Let me see you shake your stuff
A, B, C, and D Cup
Let me see your big ol' butts.

I've been searching for over a week and have had no luck.
Anyone know the name of the artist or song would be a great help.


tofu 05-20-03 09:15 AM

Maybe Lil Kim?

PerpleNerple 05-20-03 10:16 AM

I'll try another search for her but I don't think it's her.

PerpleNerple 05-20-03 11:05 AM

I found it. It's called Hands Up by TLC

PerpleNerple 05-20-03 11:22 AM

OOPS! Wrong song, not the one I was looking for!

PerpleNerple 05-20-03 03:58 PM

Anyone?, Anyone?

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