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Josh-da-man 05-19-03 07:39 PM

Question for those who have Evanescene's "Fallen" CD
Just picked this up over the weekend. It's a good, solid album (as opposed the myriad of albums released these days that consist of the one good MTV song and a bunch of crap).

Now, my question is this:

During Track 8, "Taking Over Me," at about 01:16, I hear something that sounds like a skip or glitch on the CD. It comes during a part of the song with some weird audio effects, and was wondering if it's an intentional effect on all copies of the CD, or if I have a bad copy.

Thanks in advance for any input.

EDITED TO ADD: Beh. I mis-spelled the band's name in the header. With all of those "e"s, it's a bear to type.

Scorpio 05-20-03 01:05 AM

Just checked. It's part of the song. Either that, or we've both been bamboozled! -eek-

das Monkey 05-20-03 04:15 AM

I agree that this album is very solid. In fact, I would rate it as Kicks Ass on a scale of 1 to Kicks Ass. Anyway, unless I'm completely out of my mind, this is intentional, and I think it's a pretty effective transition device to fit the tone of the song.


davejt1 05-20-03 09:19 AM

I wondered the same thing at first.

Anyway, it's a great album. I can't believe the lead vocalist is only 20!

This past couple of years I've been getting into these heavier bands fronted by females. Some good stuff out there - Nightwish, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, Tristania, and Within Temptation being my favorites. Nightwish, especially, is incredible.

Michael Corvin 05-20-03 10:35 AM

Second vote for Nightwish. Very powerful stuff. :up:

I just heard EV. for the first time a couple of weeks ago when I was out of town. My local stations don't play it. I was impressed. I d/l a couple of other tracks and like them, so I am thinking about picking up the whole album.

JuryDuty 05-21-03 10:46 AM

No, that's intentional.

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