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JuryDuty 05-18-03 11:40 PM

Latino Pop Divas--Who do you recommend?
I love "teenie-bopper" pop music (such as Britney Spears). Can you recommend a Latino pop singer that is similar (but sings in Spanish)?

I was just in Mexico on vacation and heard several Spanish pop tunes on the radio I loved, but I couldn't figure out who the singers were. Any help would be appreciated!

Wormwood 05-19-03 01:33 AM

Selena (R.I.P.), was a great spanish singer. Not all of her music is "Pop" perhaps, but you may like it. Her cds were even just re-released recently. Here is a listing of them:

-Mis Primeros Exitos
-Ven Conmigo
-Entre A Mi Mundo
-Amor Prohibido
-Dreaming of You (her first and only english album, with a few spanish songs mixed in)
-Selena Soundtrack
-Live: The Last Concert
-Ones (greatest hits)

-Anthology (3-discs of rarities and stuff, each cd representing a different genre)

You may want to try starting with Amor Prohibido and/or Dreaming of You, those are the most pop of all her albums. Who knows, maybe you'll want to listen to her other music. I usually hate traditional spanish music (because it all sounds the same) but Selena is one of the exceptions because of the way she sang, she was awesome.

Rogue588 06-09-03 03:55 AM

Thalia. Shakira. Paulina Rubio.

You could check HERE too...

And Wormwood is right..check out Selena's "Dreaming Of You".

krkuhl 06-09-03 08:54 AM

wow, there's a ton. i think shakira and paulina rubio are the most "pop" out of the group. dont forget las ketchup--they are about as pop as you can get. are you looking for just females? some dance music/pop is angelina (or angel something) martinez.

list of good groups to listen to:
--los ilegales (more rap trendy stuff, some modern merengue)
--enrique iglesias (pop music and beyond hot but thats besides the point)
--sin bandera--they have 2 trendy songs, most of them are great sensual slow songs with incredible lyrics

but by far, the best female latin singer (voice-wise imho) is laura pausini. her songs are usually in italian as well which are hella romatic. i suggest "e ritorno da te" and "entre tu y mil mares" (there is a remix of this song out but i prefer the slower one)

for other latin groups to check out, you can go to the billboard charts and see what groups are in the tope 20-they are usually pretty trendy/popish.

or go to netmio.com they run 2 radio stations down here and the website is available in english, too in case you dont read spanish. they list their playlist, top requested songs, etc.

*edited to add that i just checked out hte link to amazon and thought i would give you a run down...*
--juanes are great--i love every song on their album
--chayanne is not popish, great melodies though and some gret dance tunes (if oyu like latin dancing)
--mana is more rock and they are great, too
--ruben blades (last time i checked, havent herd any news stuff from him) is mostly salsa music but damn good salsa
--carlos vives is fun, musical flowing music but not pop at all
note that these are just my opinions and my classifications. not sure if other people will agree with me.

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