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BuckeyeDawg 05-14-03 12:10 PM

If you had a band what would you call it?
I've noticed some bands where I live have taken their name from movie characters, and that's a pretty fun concept...

One I thought would be a cool band name would be:

Deacon Frost

But if I had to just pick a band name off the top of my head, I'd go with:

Sequel Zero

How 'bout the rest of you?

mkdevo 05-14-03 12:21 PM

Tumor Laden Chicken

Surf Monkey 05-14-03 12:33 PM

I've been in many bands.

Some were:

Peasant Syndrome

Fun With Matches



Shatner '66

Sernov 05-14-03 12:41 PM

Deco Peasants (from south florida)

I know there were others I had...

Todd Parker 05-14-03 01:10 PM

Here are some of my imaginary band names:

Raft Box Model
Sex Blanket
Space Diaper
Sy Sperling & The Clients

(these ones would probably make a better album titles):
Suitcase Full of Silicone
Circus Sized

What do you think?

MJKTool 05-14-03 01:48 PM



cdollaz 05-14-03 02:04 PM

Freshman Fifteen



cdollaz 05-14-03 02:06 PM

Actually, a few friend of mine made up a fake band called:

Often Badgers

saoirse 05-14-03 02:40 PM

Hey Zeus Khrist

BuckeyeDawg 05-14-03 03:23 PM

I like Shatner '66.

I just hope the lead vocalist didn't sing like ole Billy Boy! :D

Jack Straw 05-14-03 03:27 PM


After-Birth On toast (or ABOT)

The Bulge (This was actually the name of a band I was in)

gilbertr76 05-14-03 03:43 PM

Mucous Suntan

Liver&Onions 05-14-03 03:46 PM

The Stingy Buggers - we had this band, but were too cheap to buy instruments and soon stopped getting any gigs :(

inVectiVe 05-14-03 05:57 PM

Check out this website: http://www.elsewhere.org/cgi-bin/bandname

It randomly generates band names; you can keep clicking Refresh to get a new group (anywhere between 2 and 10 suggestions).

Some of them are formed by taking 2 common words and running them together without capitalization: pancakegirl. Others involve an adjective / noun combo that makes zero sense, like Irksome Furniture. Then there are the really long ones such as Peter Badabing and the Des Moines Accountants or Buddy Sams and the Thick Pancake Policy.

I have a lot of fun there. And I was this close to using Irksome Furniture as my DVDTalk username. :)

mediabear 05-14-03 07:24 PM

We had one called The Blue Light Special in high school because we all worked PT at K-Mart.

db27 05-14-03 07:34 PM

Metallica.... oh wait, nevermind I guess someone already has used that. Damn ;)

actually though, I've always wanted to have a band called "Wallace and Vomit" I'm sure that has been used though.

RaMMaR 05-15-03 01:27 AM

Packing It In
Ballistic Descent
personal fave:
it'd look good on a T-shirt, sticker, pin, lunch box, et al. :D

Todd Parker 05-15-03 12:47 PM

Bloody Taco

D G D 05-15-03 12:50 PM

i would call it TEAR US APART....

in fact i did.


Surf Monkey 05-15-03 01:28 PM

Originally posted by BuckeyeDawg
I like Shatner '66.

I just hope the lead vocalist didn't sing like ole Billy Boy! :D


No, we had a girl vocalist who sounded nothing like Bill.

whaaat 05-15-03 01:40 PM

Reach for the Skyler

Brain Stew 05-15-03 01:50 PM

My one friend just was talking to me the other day about how we wanted to create a synth cover band, Kasio Keyboard Kings.

I would like to have a band called the Fussbuckets, or The Fuddy-Duddies.

nodeerforamonth 05-15-03 02:25 PM

I've always wanted to start a punk rock band called The Winers. Every song would be complaining about something.

Drexl 05-15-03 03:28 PM

Camryn Manheim Steamroller

tonyc3742 05-15-03 03:57 PM

We goofed around in school, under two names with various lineups:

The Fatted Pigs
The Kalamazoo Wahoos [this was sort of a folksy duet]

The band myself and another couple friends of mine were mentally hatching was to be called The Triumvirate.

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