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Zodo 05-14-03 09:06 AM

Marilyn Mansons new album
I was wondering if anyone picked up Mansons new album.

I've heard it a few times now, and I'm really disappointed. It's definitely their worst album to date.

I haven't seen the bonus DVD yet though...anyone know what's on it? I heard a short film, and I'm curious how 'short' they mean.

Rob TT 05-14-03 10:26 AM

I thought the album was pretty good. DVD has a short film on it. I didnt find it that interesting

Hollowgen 05-14-03 02:27 PM

I've decided not to buy the album. I heard it before it came out, and was very disappointed as well. Then again, I wasn't too pleased with Holywood either. I don't think they'll ever accomplish the greatness of ACS or MA ever again. They're moving waaaaay into the mainstream now.

Jepthah 05-14-03 02:49 PM

Longtime Manson fans I have spoken to like it much more than the last two. I think it's cool that MM is having some fun now. And I think mOBSCENE is a very strong single.

Zodo 05-14-03 03:09 PM

Listen to "Be agressive" from Faith No More, and then listen to mOBSCENE.

It's a pretty obvious rip-off in my opinion.

mdc3000 05-14-03 05:24 PM

first off... the DVD is horrible...the short film is worse than most student films I've seen...trust me, that is saying a lot...

I think the album is pretty damn good actually... I really hated Holywood and I think this is definately a step up... I don't think much will come close to the brilliance of Mechanical Animals, but this is a satisfying album and well worth getting if you're a Manson fan... I think it may grow on people who dislike it... either way, I'm satisfied with my purchase!


lordzeppelin 05-14-03 07:12 PM

I like it. It's, as noted above, as if he's having fun. The lyrics are quite solid. The sound is a little different, but who wants more of the same stuff they've already done?

As far as the Faith No More comparison, yes, the two songs are similar in the sense that they have a cheerleader effect to them, and that's where the comparisons stop. For that matter, anything that has a cheer in it would be the same. I don't think it's a ripoff. And for the record, Be Aggressive is one of my fave Faith no more jams, next to midlife crisis...and most of "album of the year"

db27 05-14-03 07:16 PM

Haven't heard anything but "this is the new s**t" which I really like, should I check out the rest?

I wanted to hear more, then decide, but Kazaa is only returning bogus results for me.

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