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Bands/Artists who had lost their popularity...

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Bands/Artists who had lost their popularity...

There are many bands and artists out there who used to be very popular and suddenly, they lost all their popularity and they aren't recognized anymore.

Here are some I can think of:

The Spin Doctors

The Spin Doctors were an extremely popular band in the early 90's. Their earlier albums "Pocket Full of Kryponite" and "Turn It Upside Down" sold millions of copies and both albums stayed number one on the Billboard for a long time. But, when the lead singer of the Doctors, Chris Barron, had throat cancer and was not been able to sing, that's when their career started going downhill when they hired their new singer. But once Barron's voice got better and he can sing again, the band reunited with their original members with Michael Schenkman back on guitar but now they are a band that aren't popular anymore. I saw the Spin Doctors in concert two times in the past. The first time I saw them was during their Pocket Full Of Kryptonite tour way back then, they were amazing live the first time, but the second time when I saw them a few years ago with that new singer, they were terrible. I don't like the Spin Doctors anymore.


Oasis was huge during the "What's the Story Morning Glory" and "Be Here Now" albums. But after "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" came out, their career wasn't doing good at all. I stll love the band's music though even though they are not popular as they used to be anymore.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra

They got huge when "The Dirty Boogie" came out. The only song that made them popular was the obvious "Jump Jive and Wail". But after their new album after that "Vavoom" was released, no one knew who Brian Setzer was anymore. Setzer is an amazing talent. I own a lot of his albums. His latest solo album "'62 Ignition" is so freakin' amazing!!!! It's sad that a great talent like Setzer lost popularity. I'm sure he doesn't care about being popular though, he just wants to be out there playing kick ass rock n' roll!!!!

The Smashing Pumpkins

Their popularity started going down when "Adore" came out. After "Machina" was released, the band was history. Corgan had said in an interview once, if the Pumpkins don't sell albums well enough, the Pumpkins are done.

Those are my choices that I can think of. What other current bands/artists you can think of who lost all their popularity.
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Genesis : sold truckloads of albums in the 80s and early 90s, their live tours filled arenas and stadia the world over. After drummer/vocalist Phil Collins left the band to devote full time to his solo career and family, remaining members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford decided to give it one more shot with unknown vocalist Ray Wilson, releasing Calling All Stations in 1997. The album completely tanked in the US, and the corresponding tour, slated for the usual arenas, had to be canceled. Following this debacle, Wilson was let go and the band is for all intents and purposes finished.
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How about boy bands? Backstreet Boys, N'Synch, etc.
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[off-topic]My search skills must be departing me as I can't just now find the substantial thread about Glam/Metal bands that had "faded away". Anyone know who started it? Was it deleted?[/off-topic]

I would say that bands that lasted beyond a decade in the public eye are the exception rather than the rule: most have a limited shelf-life: it is the nature of the beast.

From the limited number of posts so far perhaps we can already see a pattern i.e. a crucial members leaves or is unavailable; over time too many members leave for the rump band to survive; the public and/or the publicity machine moves on to the Next Big Thing; boy bands "grow up"....

But think of the reunions; the greatest hits packages; the retrospective documentaries and critical re-evaluations; the tribute bands!

I bet during the last few years Abba, for example, have sold a truck load of albums! MC5 (or is that MC4 or MC3?) have been "on the road" this year. Arthur Lee is out touring with a band called Love. Some strange construct calling itself the Doors is out there when not busy in court! The world moves on.
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Didn't the Zombies start another tour recently?
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Hootie and the Blowfish. Used to not be able to go a day without hearing them. I don't think I've heard them mentioned in several years now. Maybe they broke up? I dunno.
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Alanis Morrisette has never regained her "You Oughta Know" and "Ironic" mega-star status.
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