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music memorabilia - what do you own?

Old 05-09-03, 12:15 AM
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music memorabilia - what do you own?

i'll start:

my framed ticket to the 3rd to last nirvana show in rome - beautiful ticket - no ticketmaster crap. also -bootleg of same show entitled "roma"

DRI pick - sorry - guilty please - caught at show in '89

first pressing of septic death's first LP (pushead's band)

nuclear assault's "game over" LP signed by entire band
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An INXS drumstick that I caught at a show. It's all beat to hell from rimshots and such.

A few King's X Pinnick guitar picks.
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Autographed drum skin by Wilco and photos taken with the members with my wife and I.

Autographed album flat by Teenage Fanclub

Autographed poster by Weezer

All sorts of rare concert posters from Stephen Malkmus, Pavement, Luna, Built to Spill, etc. Maybe I'll post pictures if anyone's interested.
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Oh yeah, and I've got tons of signed crap. I thought we were talking about stuff that was owned or used by musicians.
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The only thing I own is pretty pitiful. When I saw the Who, the now-infamous Pete Townsend threw a hat he briefly wore into the crowd; I got it at the same time as a bunch of other people, knew I wouldn't win, so I just yanked out the hat-band.

Not like anyone looking at it could tell where I got it.

The other good part of that was when he threw it, I was about 5 people back from the front; since I just grabbed the band and ran, I was able to get in front of all the struggling people and get two away from the front.

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A Wilco promo poster from the Fillmore.
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More Depeche Mode stuff than I could mention.
I've collected electronic music for 14 years, I have autographs from:
Jody from Way Out West
Alan Wilder (met all 4 at a private after-party)
Aphex Twin
Liam Howlett, Leeroy, Maxim, Keith from The Prodigy
Carl Cox
Darren Emerson
Pete Tong
Paul & Phil Hartnoll from Orbital (3 each)
Graham Massey, Darren Partington, Andrew Barker from 808 State.
Fatboy Slim


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-A piece of paper signed by all of the members of Supreme Love Gods (where are they now?)
-signed copy of Count Bass D's Art For Sale
-signed copy by Chuck D of Public Enemy's There's A Poison Going On
-a set list or two by Fighting Gravity (used to be popular on the East Coast college circuit, not sure anymore)
-signed copy of one of Henry Rollins' books
-signed "804 Compilation" CD by Lonnie B., Danja Mowf and Mad Skillz (now known as Skillz)
-signed copy of some Sister Machine Gun CD
-signed vinyl copy of Black Eyed Peas' Behind the Front
-soon to receive a signed "Politics of the Business" poster by Prince Paul

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Tambourine that Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) through into crowd

Autographed tickets and backstage passes from Sevendust

Guitar picks from Metallica, Sevendust, Staind, Stereomud, BB King, Kittie, Collective Soul, and a whole bunch more. All from concerts I've been to.
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Originally posted by Ginwen
When I saw the Who, the now-infamous Pete Townsend through a hat he briefly wore into the crowd;
I have one of Pete's tambourines that he tossed into the crowd. Big knuckle prints in the middle from where he beat the ***** out of it
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I've got a few limited edition Phish posters...some of which trade on eBay for a few hundred bucks.

I've got a copy of Old 97's "Hitchhike to Rhome" signed by Rhett Miller, which probably doesn't mean much to many people, but I really dig it. Good story too...I went to see Old 97's at Rosebud in Pittsburgh a few years ago. While the opening band was playing, my friend and I went to the balcony to have a few drinks and sit down for a while. The guy at the table next to us was scribbling notes in a notebook. I was a bit tipsy, loud and more obnoxious than usual. I kept bugging the guy with the notebook to grab the waitress every time she walked near him. I was unfairly demanding on the guy, and my friend told me so. The guy got up and left the notebook on the table when he got up for a second. Being a drunk idiot, I got up to see what the guy was writing. It was an Old 97's setlist. The guy at the table was of my favorite songwriters, and I didn't even recognize him. When he came back, I was thoroughly embarassed and apologized. He saw that I had just purchased the album...took it, opened it for me, grabbed his marker and signed it. He scratched out "Rhome", wrote "Pittsburgh" in its place, and scribbled a short message. So, now I've got an Old 97's disc that says "Hitchhike to Pittsburgh, and order me another beer. All is forgiven, Rhett."
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John Wesley Harding's site just relaunched their message board and had a contest offering a chance to win signed memorabilia if you registered again (or for the first time). Turns out that I won the third (and final) prize - a signed copy of his long OOP video compilation "Pocketful of Miracles." Pretty cool.
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Personalized, signed CD inserts for the following Warren Zevon albums:

Warren Zevon
Excitable Boy
Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School
A Quiet Normal Life
Mr. Bad Example
Learning To Flinch

I met him three times and regret that I never had a picture taken with him.
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I have a few drumsticks that I can't even remember where they are from now...

I have a Dead Milkmen's Soul Rotation T-shirt autographed by the whole band (including little pictures they drew on it).

I also have a foot or so long length of Trent Reznor's mic cable from one of the shows in Madison Square Garden in late '94. He threw the mic into the audience and someone whipped out a knife and cut it into pieces that everone in the immediate area got a bit of.
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I have a lithograph of Garbage signed by everyone. Of course, anyone could get this it was listed on their website.
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I don't really intentionally collect stuff, this is just what I happened to catch at shows I've been to:

Guitar Picks from Tom & Kerry from Slayer

Autographed poster and ticket stub from all but one member of Korn from their first album tour

White Zombie guitar pick

Wrist band from Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden

Drum Stick from Shannon Larkin when he was in Souls at Zero
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I keep all my concert ticket stubs--I insert them in the jewel case of the CD of that particular tour.

I have an old daybill of R.E.M. back when Michael Stipe had long, curly hair--that'll tell ya how old that one is. I had it framed.

Partied backstage with Fountains of Wayne last year (my buddy went to HS with the lead singer) Took a few pics. Very strange exerience.

Jimmy Buffett's book Tales From Magaritaville, autographed by JB himself.
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Among tons of things (including over 250 ticket stubs)

plus picks, autos, drum sticks, MTV Video Award Signed Baseballs (I did this twice, musicians love to sign baseballs)
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I have an autographed framed Cross Road lithograph of Bon Jovi.
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i got a Courtney Love guitar string. Greg Dulli's cigarette butt. a setlist from the Pittsburgh Shane MacGowan show that the drunk dick never showed up for and an 8x10 of Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic signed by Marilyn Manson and the band including Daisy.
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A Helix guitar pick from the second concert I ever attended.
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I've got a Yngwie Malmsteen pick (he autographed my guitar the same night)
and this poster which is my pride and joy:

It's the Led Zeppelin 1980 Tour Over Europe poster. Mine looks a hell of a lot better than that one and is in near perfect condition.
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Only one item in my many years of rock appeciation. A copy of the Black Sabbath: Reunion CD autographed by all four original members. Got to chat with each of them for a very brief moment as well. Even what appeared to be a heavily-sedated Ozzy.

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Tori Amos - Autographed Crucify EP, autographed 8X10, other 8X10s, books, posters, etc.
Allison Moorer - Autographed Miss Fortune CD, autographed 8X10
Misc. 8X10s and such of other artists, nothing major.
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sliver of a guitar that Paul Stanley smashed

setlist from Scream from '89 before Dave Grohl left the band to join Nirvana

two haircurlers that Gina from the Lunachicks wore onstage

various picks and other setlists
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