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DJLinus 05-06-03 12:00 PM

Prince Paul - "Politics of the Business"
Has anyone picked up Prince Paul's Politics of the Business that came out today? He's probably my favorite hip-hop producer and was wondering what people thought of this album. Nice selection of guests on this disc:

On his new album, this hip hop legend and visionary reunites with many of his previous collaborators as well as some new friends, including comedians Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock, Biz Markie, Erick Sermon, Chuck D., Ice-T, Guru, Planet Asia, DJ Premier, Chubb Rock, MF Doom, Beatnuts, Tony Touch, and many more.
I preordered a copy from HipHopSite.com, but it hasn't shipped yet. If you order from there you also get a 40 track disc mixed by Prince Paul. Also, if you ordered a week or two ago you get an autographed poster, but they are all out of those now. I hope I got in on that deal.

Phyre 05-06-03 12:57 PM

As much as I like the concept, and loved Prince Among Thieves, the production on this is pretty bland.

DJLinus 05-13-03 07:46 PM

Got my copy in the mail today (along w/ the autographed poster and mix CD). Listened to it all the way through once. So far I like it, but I will reserve judgment till I listen to it a few times.

One thing, though: Chubb Rock and Wordsworth rhyming over the "Peas Porridge Hot" beat? Excellent!

lordzeppelin 05-13-03 08:19 PM

Well...I was lucky enough to pick up an advance copy of this in March, and bought the Retail version today...I'm sad to say there's three extra tracks that are pretty tight that didn't make the cut, although a few of the better songs are more polished and are now "great" songs.

The nice little "editorial" that Paul put in the liner notes is pretty interesting...and completely true. The state of music on the whole is SICK right now.

This is certainly a departure toward a more commercial sound from paul, and I like it, but it just doesn't come near the brilliance of A Prince Among Theives for me...

JNielsen 05-13-03 08:45 PM

I picked it up when it was released, but have only listened to it all the way through once. I will listen again, but I was very impressed with what I heard. The tracks with Masta Ace & Pharcyde are hot.

The nice little "editorial" that Paul put in the liner notes is pretty interesting too...
A thought so too :up:

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