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madelinebh 05-03-03 09:05 PM

Anyone have the cover art for the "He Wants You/Babe I'm On Fire" Nick Cave single?
Anyone have the cover art yet for Nick Cave's forthcoming single? Thanks.

madelinebh 05-06-03 01:58 PM


madelinebh 05-09-03 04:49 PM

Still no cover-art, but www.nickcaveandthebadseeds.com has one of the B-side songs "Little Ghost Song" available to listen to. Sorry, no MP3 to download though.

madelinebh 05-21-03 11:29 PM

www.nickcaveandthebadseeds.com now has the cover art posted as well as audio for the B-side song "everything Must Converge."

wilson ttc 05-22-03 12:02 AM

what do you think of the new album?

there are a couple of good songs but in general, I don't think it was up to "no more shall we part" or "murder ballads".

I am still debating whether to see their new show because of that.

madelinebh 05-22-03 01:11 PM

I think it's pretty damned good, actually. With songs like "Babe I'm on Fire", "Bring it On" and "There is a Town" they are getting back to some of their older style. I was a big fan of their older material ("Henry's Dream" "The Good Son" and "Tender Prey" in particular). Their last few albums have been much more mellow. I didn't care much for "The Boatman's Call." After listening to "And No more Shall We Part" many times, I think that's a great album. It really grows on you with time.

A friend of mine saw them in Austin the last time they toured and said they put on a phenomenal show, so I wouldn't pass up the oportunity to see them. He said they play a fair number of older songs as well alot of material from the last two albums.

Scorpio 05-22-03 10:32 PM

Just jumping in to show the love for Nick and the Seeds.

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