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missglitz 04-30-03 06:28 PM

Help!! Tortilla Soup
Hi, has anyone here seen Tortilla Soup? I have to do a write-up for class, and I can't finish the last 20 minutes or so because my DVD player totally blew out, and it's due late thursday.

I left off at the part where these is a gathering for Gomez's death at the family's house. So if anyone could give me a good summary about what happens after that, i'd be so grateful. Thanks!

Also, this is for an ethnic studies class, so if there are any significant cultural/ethnic elements in the last part of the movie, please let me know.

thanks again

Buford T Pusser 04-30-03 11:08 PM

is this music related? didn't i see this thread in Other?

Rogue588 04-30-03 11:43 PM

Holy Deja Vu!

Buford T Pusser 05-01-03 07:13 AM

Originally posted by Rogue588
Holy Deja Vu!

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