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atlantamoi 04-30-03 08:01 AM

Are you a little music maker?
How many of you record your own music? My musical talents are near zilch. BUT, with the advances in computer software and keyboards it seems like anyone can patch together some "music" just for fun. I bought a fairly inexpensive Yamaha keyboard two years ago and I've had a blast tinkering around with it. I used some MIDI cables to hook up to my computer, but I could only get the computer to talk to the keyboard and not vice versa, so I just gave up (which was very disappointing to me).

I have some fun ideas for sampling and stuff, but I'd never just sit down with a guitar & tape deck and start recording. I really want to sample some country songs and add dope electronica beats to it. Or sample some older and unknown new wave songs and cut/paste all over. The ideas I have are endless... well, as endless as not being able to actually do it!

palebluedot 04-30-03 11:39 AM

I used to have a fairly professional studio in my house but with computer technology they way it is now I have slowly sold stuff off over the years. I do almost exclusively hard disk recording.

I have been having fun lately with Acid Pro especially since they put a 5.1 mixer plugin in it. I have tons and tons of Acid sample discs. I also sample off of my CDs with either Cool Edit or Sonic Foundry...you can then use Sonic Foundry to "Acidize" the samples. You can do some interesting stuff with it.

Also fun is Fruity Loops. It's a very simple yet pretty powerful program.

As far as live guitar/bass/keyboard work I use Paris to record on hard drive. My next big purchase is a Roland V-Drum kit :drool:

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