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RoQuEr 04-29-03 09:35 AM

what was the first CD you ever bought?
mine was a kris kross album

Mopower 04-29-03 09:39 AM

Blues Traveler- Four

Toad 04-29-03 09:44 AM



....needless to say I'm no longer "in the rap game," thankfully. ;)

Jason 04-29-03 09:46 AM

Mott the Hoople - The Hoople.

Michael T Hudson 04-29-03 09:49 AM

Phil Collins No Jacket Required. 1986

DJLinus 04-29-03 09:58 AM

Mine was a set by the Cure called Integration. It contained the CD singles for "Lovesong," "Fascination Street," "Lullaby," and "Pictures of You" off of Disintegration. And it came with a poster!

Yep, I was one cool 7th grader.


evenflow 04-29-03 10:09 AM

Blur-Modern Life is Rubbish

wildcatlh 04-29-03 10:09 AM

Use Your Illusion I and II.

I was ... 14? (I think it was 1991.) I looked 12. There was one of those parental advisory stickers. The clerk didn't seem to care much.

Snowmaker 04-29-03 10:12 AM

Great White - ... Twice Shy

No longer have it.

Toad 04-29-03 10:20 AM

Originally posted by BigDaddy
Phil Collins No Jacket Required. 1986
There were CDs in 1986??

palebluedot 04-29-03 10:28 AM


Gdrlv 04-29-03 10:31 AM

First CD: L.A. Guns - Cocked & Loaded...back in my hair metal days

First casette: Michael Jackson - Thriller...which is probably a pretty common answer for people my age.

SAShepherd 04-29-03 10:48 AM

I think it was Talking Heads' Naked, but can't be sure.

explosivej 04-29-03 10:52 AM

Dr. Dre - The Chronic

jarsim 04-29-03 11:11 AM

Britny Fox-Self-Titled and not ashamed of it :)) . . . anymore
in December of 1988 when I got my first CD player. First cassette was Adam & The Ants-Prince Charming, first record a 45 of Steve Miller Band's Abracadabra I believe both in 1982.

When did everyone else get their first CD player?

Giles 04-29-03 11:35 AM

The first compact disc I bought was "Cats" (Broadway Cast Recording) and the "Chariots of Fire" soundtrack.

Daytripper 04-29-03 11:38 AM

Three actually. Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration". 'Til Tuesday's "Welcome Home" and ABC's "How To Be A Millionare". Back in 1986.

DJLinus 04-29-03 01:14 PM

Originally posted by jarsim

When did everyone else get their first CD player?

Christmas '90 - Sony shelf stereo with a 5 disc changer and a turntable! Thanks, Santa.

I actually got my first CDs before getting that stereo. I would use my brother's CD player.

Obey The D 04-29-03 02:13 PM

Metallica - ...And Justice For All

Brain Stew 04-29-03 02:33 PM



I am not really sure why I bought it on CD though, because the only person that had a cd player in my house at the time was my sister (a cheap Craig boombox). I can remember dubbing the cd onto tape and listening to it on the way to school for most of fifth grade. I am glad that I bought the CD though, since it is one of the only albums I bought as a young kid that I have still hung onto.

My first cassette?

:hscratch: I think it was a single of Motownphilly by Boyz II Men. :yack: Yeah, my tastes have improved a lot since then...

My first cd player?

Not counting computers, I received a (what seemed to be light) 3 or 4 lb Sony Discman in 1996. Then, in 2000 I bought one of those Aiwa Mini Systems with the cd, tape deck, and radio. I hope to one day build a traditional component "HI-FI."

Xanager 04-29-03 02:39 PM

Beach Boys - Still Cruisin'

MrPeanut 04-29-03 02:39 PM

Off the heazy fo sheazy. Actually, it was more "rad" I think.

edclem 04-29-03 02:48 PM

First CD: Dream Theater: Images and Words (Got my first cd player in 1992)

First cassette: Ratt: Invasion of Your Privacy, bought in 1986.

wendersfan 04-29-03 03:37 PM

Some Mozart string quartets.

woofman 04-29-03 03:45 PM

Ramones Mania

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