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BDB 04-27-03 07:54 PM

mmusa.tv (much music) and Fuse???
On much today they are saying something about bye bye mmusa say hello to fuse in May, anyone know anything about it

Mopower 04-28-03 08:10 PM

Much Music was ok, they played good stuff like The Mathew Good Band. Stuff that MTV wouldn't touch, but their Vj's were the lamest. Music USA sucks. They played Hanson the other day. WTH? I used to think they were lame because it was Canada's version of MTV, but Much Music USA wasn't any better. I can't wait to see how big of a crapload Fuse is.

Deftones 04-28-03 10:10 PM

I think they are just changing their name. They will still play the same stuff, from what I hear.

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