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mikehunt 04-26-03 04:29 PM

TATU cover song, who did it originally?
I heard this on the radio, I know they said it was tatu and I think the song name was How Soon Is Now. thought it was pretty good but I'm positive it's a cover, possibly a song from the late 80's very early 90's?

Copenhagen 04-26-03 04:31 PM

Isn't it the Smith's

DJLinus 04-26-03 04:49 PM

Originally posted by Copenhagen
Isn't it the Smith's

mordecai 04-26-03 07:20 PM

Pretty good cover, too. Suits them well.

Buford T Pusser 04-27-03 12:33 AM

haven't heard their version, but I love the Smiths.

Hollowgen 04-27-03 03:29 AM

probably better than the buttrock version found on that witch movie soundtrack!

Swanöholic 04-27-03 04:20 AM

What I find so funny is that all these movies and TV shows about witches and stuff like to use that song because of the beginning of it, if you were just hearing it, it sounds like, "I am the sun, and the air...", but of course it's, "I am the son, and the heir...". Always makes me laugh.

mikehunt 04-27-03 08:51 PM

*runs and hides because he thought it was sun and air*

Swanöholic 04-28-03 01:09 AM

Originally posted by mikehunt
*runs and hides because he thought it was sun and air*
LOL...no need to run on that score. The first time I heard the song, which was actually on said movies and TV shows about witches, I of course figured that it was 'sun' and 'air.' But when I sought out the full song and listened to it I noticed that the lyrics <i>right</i> after "I am the son, and the heir..." are, "...of a shyness that is criminally vulgar." Once I heard that, it made sense.

What's even funnier, is that on Charmed, they purposefully edit out the second part of said lyrics that reveal it isn't 'sun' and 'air.' Silly TV people. ;)

mordecai 04-28-03 06:27 AM

Song's also got to be one of the most covered, in general...

(Fake edit: that was hyperbole.)

Numanoid 04-28-03 08:32 AM

Snake River Conspiracy did a decent cover a couple of years ago.

sherm42 04-28-03 11:39 AM

This song deserves more than to be used for witch movies and shows. It's one of the best rock songs of all time.

DJLinus 04-28-03 11:49 AM

According to the Covers Project and the All Music Guide, the following have covered the song:

Neil Finn
Love Spit Love
Paradise Lost
Afghan Whigs
Snake River Conspiracy
Bazooka Joe
Bill Bechtel
Inner Sanctum
Drain the Doves
Duke Mushroom
Pet Engine
Ultraviolet Eye

Kevin M. Dean 04-28-03 03:44 PM

Originally posted by DJLinus

Inner Sanctum

And Hybrid did a remix of this cover. Now it's getting complicated. Can you do covers of other people's covers. 8)

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