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Opeth - new CD + general discussion [merged]

Old 04-22-03, 01:01 AM
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Anyone buying/bought Opeth's Damnation as their 1st Opeth CD?

It's really, really good, but much different from all their other albums. Im just kinda curious how many new(non-metal) fans this album is going to bring.
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Old 04-22-03, 09:46 AM
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I like metal, mostly prog metal, and was thinking of giving this one a shot. It is all acoustic or something like that right?

I'm not usually a fan of death metal, the vocals are so unneeded. I've heard a few songs(different groups) that had some great music then the singer busts in with the death metal vocals and it ruins the song for me.
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Old 04-22-03, 12:34 PM
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I'm a big Opeth fan, so I'm picking it up, regardless
Michael Corvin: You might want to give them a shot, even with the occasional death metal vocals. It's worth it.
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Old 04-22-03, 04:09 PM
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Well this was the first album of theirs I listened to. Pretty good stuff. I've since gone back and listened to Blackwater Park, but I'm not sure I can get into the death metal vocals... which are more than just occasional Great instrumentation and very nice progressive stuff... and I will admit that the transition from death to actual singing in mid song makes it sound all the more beautiful... but I'm still undecided.

At least from what I can tell they aren't Satanic... but I'll admit it's hard to understand some of the lyrics

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Old 04-22-03, 04:10 PM
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I'd highly recommend picking up this CD. From what I've heard so far its excellent.
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Old 04-22-03, 08:32 PM
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I haven't heard the new one yet. Why would it attract non-metal fans?

And regarding death metal vocals, it's an acquired taste. In death metal, the vocals are used more as an instrument than traditional-sounding vocals.
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Old 04-22-03, 09:24 PM
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About the Death Vox Debate, I admit: It's not for everyone. If you've honestly given the style a fair chance and simply dislike the way it sounds, that's fine. But, one thing I've noticed is that it really helps to hear some piss-poor, self-consciously "br00tal" vocals to gain an appreciation for what well-done extreme growling should sound like. This was, admittedly, much easier in the days of Napster.

It's sort of like blast beats. The first time I heard a drummer do that, my reaction went, "Ummmmmmmm........why would you even WANT to ride the snare that fast?!" But I got used to the way it sounds and now I love it.
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Old 04-23-03, 01:14 AM
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I've been a fan of Opeth for quite sometime, I've got everything they've done, so no, this isn't my first experience with them. It definately is a departure in material for them, but after multiple listens I like it a lot...I tend to have to listen to it in bits and pieces, but it's very well done. I definately enjoy Opeth's earlier material to their latter, (Damnation excepted). But they're a great band.

8 More Days till I see Opeth Live!!!
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Old 04-23-03, 01:36 AM
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New Opeth

Anyone else get the new Opeth cd today? I haven't finished yet, but I really like it so far. Very mellow so far, but surprisingly short songs . I can't wait to see them on the 30th.
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Old 04-23-03, 02:30 AM
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Hey man...I replied to the Opeth thread just below this one...My roommate and I will be at the 30th Roseland show as well.
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Old 04-23-03, 11:31 AM
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I ordered a copy on vinyl...should show up today or tomorrow
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