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MatthewCho 04-20-03 08:33 PM

Madness' "House Of Fun" - from what film?
I just heard Madness' "House of Fun" for the first time in probably 15 years, and remember the song (especially the great refrain) from a film or preview.

Anyone know which one?

- Matt

redhenry 04-21-03 09:16 PM

Re: Madness' "House Of Fun" - from what film?

Originally posted by MatthewCho
I just heard Madness' "House of Fun" for the first time in probably 15 years, and remember the song (especially the great refrain) from a film or preview.

Anyone know which one?

- Matt

Not sure about a film, but the band mimed a version of it in The Young Ones...Series 2 I think.

rfduncan 04-22-03 10:00 AM

Correct - it is in Series 1 - the episode is called Boring. Madness plays while the gents are headed to The Kebab and Calculator where the band is playing a set.

Rick: Do, uh, do any of you lot know "Summer Holiday" by Cliff Richard?
Lead Singer: You hum it, I'll smash your face in. :lol:

benedict 04-22-03 03:34 PM

;) .... and there was probably a promotional video at some stage!

Not really related, but if you are in London sometime soon there is a musical, "<A HREF="http://www.musicalstages.co.uk/reviews/london/ourhouse_london_review.htm" target="_blank">Our House</a>", based around the hits of Madness. Some people say that it is better than "We Will Rock You"; based around the hits of Queen!

The musical "Mama Mia" (Abba) still seems to be wowing people across the globe and even Boy George has got in on the <A HREF="http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/showbiz/2804225.stm" target="_blank">act</a> with "Taboo"!

MatthewCho 04-23-03 08:22 PM

For Madness fans I highly recommend the PAL, region 0 release "Divine Madness" DVD featuring 28 videos all digitally remastered.

I remember "House Of Fun" from a feature film, however.

- Matt

Numanoid 04-24-03 10:52 AM

Are you sure it was in a film itself or perhaps from a trailer? I can imagine that particular song might have been appropriately used for any number of movies, but don't recall any specifically. Since trailers are made before post-production has finished, they tend to use music and songs which don't actually appear in the finished films.

renaldow 04-24-03 11:49 AM

I remember that song from a couple of movies, but cannot place them. It was a song that was used quite a bit commercially. Some simple searches only turn the song up on a UK film called Party Party.


Having never seen or heard of this film, I know this isn't one of the ones I'm thinking of.

MatthewCho 04-24-03 02:00 PM

Can you search for soundtrack songs on IMDB or any other sites?

renaldow 04-24-03 04:19 PM

You can look up a song on www.allmusic.com and see what albums it has been on. That was the 2nd link (removed, didn't work) on my post. It's not complete by any stretch of the imagination, and not all movies release soundtracks.

FilmBuffRazar 04-26-19 05:22 PM

Re: Madness' "House Of Fun" - from what film?
Hi there! I am certain it was on a film trailer, or more accurately, a TV spot for a film. Best guess based on my sketchy recollection? It was either during a TV spot for the film, "Beetlejuice", or "Drop Dead Fred", or another similar film that came out around the same time and featured a zany and problematic main character. I'm kind of leaning toward "Beetlejuice".

Alan Smithee 04-30-19 11:54 PM

Re: Madness' "House Of Fun" - from what film?
Don't remember it in anything for Beetlejuice, and never saw any trailers or commercials for Drop Dead Fred. Madness' "Wings of a Dove" was included in both the trailer and actual movie "10 Things I Hate About You" though, which was a pleasant surprise.

Also remember this commercial- I was the only one cool enough to recognize the song they were riffing on:

Now I gotta see if that Madness DVD is still in print or available anywhere...

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