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briank 04-17-03 04:27 PM

more Radiohead US tourdates including Beacon Theater in NYC
Well the day before FieldDay, they are playing Beacon Theatre in NYC for a special taping of some MTV concert.
Anyone here about any way to get tickets to this?
Last time they played Roseland was hard enough to get tickets but I got lucky. Beacon is even smaller.
Ebay has a pair of front row seats going for $2,700 right now for some charity.

Also rumored to be playing:
Montreal 8/15
Toronto/Barrie 8/16
Denver/Red Rocks 8/26
Salt Lake City 8/28

Toad 04-17-03 10:58 PM

Sounds cool! I saw them on the Amnesiac tour in Atlanta - great show, the rain notwithstanding. ;)

Giles 04-18-03 11:05 AM

they f***ing owe us Washingtonians a show, since both of their shows the last time they came through town were cancelled due to monsoon-like rain conditions.

Yancey 04-18-03 11:11 AM

Yeah, I was at one of those DC shows...

Starlover 04-18-03 01:35 PM

I had tickets to both DC shows....I hope Field Day works out!

MR ROBOTO 9000 04-19-03 10:51 PM

Originally posted by Yancey
Yeah, I was at one of those DC shows...
Since the show was cancelled, were you just standing in the rain by yourself ?

Giles 04-19-03 11:05 PM

no they cancelled the Saturday show while everyone was arriving at Bull Run Park site. The rain was just getting worse and worse, the lightning was getting more intense and they just called it off... I can understand why the show was cancelled but an incentive to us fans nor the band or the management ever rescheduled a makeup show.

briank 05-27-03 02:03 PM

One of the best Radiohead shows I saw was at the 9:30 club in DC when the Tibetan Freedom Concert was there.

I "knew" something was going on as that club was always booked on weekends yet suspiciously the Friday and Saturday of the Tibetan Freedom shows were free.
Sure enough, like a week before they announced the Chili Peppers were playing there the Friday night.

I wasn't going to be down there in time Friday, but I printed out directions to the club and all the numbers just incase something came up for Saturday.

Then Saturday Tibetan Freedom was struck by lightning and ended early. We went out to dinner, and on the way back to our hotel, the radio announced the first 500 people to the 9:30 club with ticketstubs from Tibetan show that day got in FREE to see Radiohead. We just happened to be in the neighborhood, whipped out the directions I printed a few days before for that "just in case" scenario. We were about 400th in line!
Great show.
A lot of the stars were in the crowd as well (Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Beastie Boys, Michael Stipe, etc etc).

briank 05-27-03 02:04 PM

So is anyone going to try and get tickets to the $2 bill MTV2 concert date.
It's June 5th at the Beacon, and tickets go onsale the 31st outside the Beacon.
While I'm 3+ hours away I can't go to buy tickets ($4 for two!) as my only chance is the WASTE lottery.

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