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Favorite Metallica songs?

Old 04-12-03, 09:29 PM
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Favorite Metallica songs?

I am making a compilation cd for my husband's birthday. I need some good Metallica songs!
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Totally unoriginal choices: "One" [their best song IMO], "Battery," "Master of Puppets," "Fade to Black."

Then there's the Black Album, where pretty much every song is solid (if you like pop metal ), but 2 that I really like that never seemed to find their way onto radio were "Through the Never" and "The Struggle Within." "The Unforgiven" would seem to be a can't-miss choice as well.
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Wow thats a tough choice, but I would have to say Disposable Heroes off of the album Master of Puppets album. Coming in at a very close 2nd would be of course One
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Nothing gets me more pumped than Sad But True.
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I always liked some of their classic covers:

Stone Cold Crazy
Mercyful Fate
Tuesdays's gone
Am I evil

And some of my favs:

Bleeding me and The Outlaw Torn (MY fav new ones)
Harvester of Sorrow
Frayed ends of sanity
Master of Puppets
To live is to die
Seek and Destroy
Hit the Lights
....And Justice for all
Creaping Death
Call of Ktulu
Fight Fire with Fire

I love metallica so I'm biased hehe, but lots of people seem to enjoy those! I hope you own the cds...
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Top 10

1) Creeping Death
2) Am I Evil ?
3) Master Of Puppets
4) Fade To Black
5) For Whom The Bell Tolls
6) Enter Sandman
7) Sanatarium
8) One
9) Seek and Destroy
10) Last Caress

avoid anything from Load and Reload.... Crap Crap Crap
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I thought Load was great, but Reload was pretty horrid.
My favorite song by Metallica: Bleeding Me.
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Call of Ktulu (my favorite)
Fade to Black
Wherever I May Roam
Until It Sleeps
Low Man's Lyric
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for whom the bell tolls
master of puppets
and justice for all
turn the page (I know)
enter sandman
fade to black

and oh yeah, you will be only able to fit like 10 songs depending on each songs length since some can be 8 or 9 min but the newer stuff is nothing over 6.
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My Top 5

Until It Sleeps
Enter Sandman
Whiskey In A Jar
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Fade To Black
Ride The Lightning
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Wherever I May Roam
Call Of Ktulu
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edited for the topics sake and moved everything else to the other thread that the mods made.


On topic, for the original poster. I've got a whole lot of trouble making a metallica mix, cuz it's tough for me to choose. So I'm gonna highlight for you my favorite tracks from every domestic release. I'll limit myself to 2 tracks per disc although nearly impossible.

Kill 'em all
1 seek and destroy
2 jump in the fire

Ride the Lightning
1 creeping death
2 for whom the bell tolls

Master of Puppets
1 master of puppets
2 welcome home (sanitaruim)

...And Justice for All
1 harvester of sorrow
2 one (sure, its got the popular vote, but cannot be denied as the one of the most epic song ever released)

Metallica (aka the "black album"
1 sad but true
2 my friend of misery

Live Sh*T: Binge & Purge
disc one
1 justice medley (eye of the beholder, blackened, the frayed ends of sanity, ...and justice for all)
2 the unforgiven (best version of this song ever)
disc two
1 through the never
2 whiplash
disc three
1 the four horsemen
2 stone cold crazy (great queen cover)

1 outlaw torn
2 bleeding me

1 fixxxer
2 devils dance

Garage Inc.
disc one
1 sabbra cadabra
2 astronomy
disc two
1 am i evil
2 helpless

disc one
1 of wolf and man
2 no leaf clover
disc two
1 battery
2 -human

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some excellent lists here that I hope will meet Abby's requirements.

I'm not a huge fan but I do own "Garage Inc". Listening to their cover of Breadfan reminded me to re-order Budgie's compilation, "An Ecstasy of Fumbling" which a couple of e-tailers had failed to supply to ,e last year! I am looking forward to its arrival and have Metallica to thank for the reminder

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I always enjoyed "Hero of the Day", I am not a huge metal fan, oh well..
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"One" is my favorite of all time
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Originally posted by Brain Stew
I always enjoyed "Hero of the Day", I am not a huge metal fan, oh well..
i have always liked that song too. the only metallica song after and justice for all, that i like enough to want to listen to it rather than then tolerate it.
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There are just far too many to list, but off the top of my head:
Master of Puppets
Whiskey in the Jar
Enter Sandman
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I can't believe only one person listed - Welcome Home(Sanitarium) That is my all time fave.

A great forgotten tune is Of Wolf and Man. You gotta love a song about werewolves.

Other non-radio tunes that are great:
The Four Horsemen
The Thing That Should Not Be
Ride The Lightning
Creeping Death (a religious tune, who woulda thunk it)
...And Justice For All
The Frayed Ends of Sanity
Of Wolf and Man
The God that Failed
Poor Twisted Me
The House that Jack built
Devil's Dance
Low Man's Lyric - Very different
Die, Die My Darling
Stone Cold Crazy
Am I Evil
So What
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As a long time reader of DVDtalk, put only having posted a select few times, I thought I'd chime in and say something.

Check out Apocalyptica. They do Metallica songs but with cellos. Definitely different, but for me, after listening to their take on Metallica songs, I've gained more respect for Metallica's musical ability.

My favoritie songs Apocalyptica has 'covered' are :

+ One (Listen to the 'guitar' solo and they're skill of simulating drums)

+ Nothing Else Matters

+ Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

+ My Friend of Misery (released as a single, hard to find, download it).

As for the original post. My favorite Metallica Songs are One, Unforgiven, Creeping Death, and Dyer's Eve.


P.S. Apocalyptica also does a cover of Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King. I have to say that it is one of a only a handful of times I've actually gotten goosebumps listening to music.
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Welcome, SCSIMan! Post more :-)

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