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Would you give an artist $1000 to help him record, exist, etc.? (Pat DiNizio related)

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Would you give an artist $1000 to help him record, exist, etc.? (Pat DiNizio related)

Old 04-10-03, 11:07 AM
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Would you give an artist $1000 to help him record, exist, etc.? (Pat DiNizio related)

It's an interesting concept and you could probably get your money back.

Is there an artist you would shell out the cash for? I can think of some bands, but that wouldn't work the same as with a solo artist.

Launches unique artist-to-fan subscription service
including limited-edition music, intimate concerts, charitable events --
and free music to anyone with a computer and a modem

Scotch Plains, N.J.: Pat DiNizio, singer-songwriter-guitarist for The
Smithereens, knows that Internet file sharing has forever changed how the general
public obtains music, while also significantly impacting artists' earning

DiNizio decided to address the situation and create a business model that would
re-invent the way music is funded, created and distributed. In late March,
DiNizio unveiled such a concept -- Patrons & Artists Together, his new
subscription program that he says will "put the music back in the hands of the
people and out of the hands of the corporations."

Patrons & Artists Together, says DiNizio, is "a 'vision quest' in which an artist
partners up with his or her audience to make an end run around the way that
business is done these days in the ever-imploding music industry."

DiNizio adds, "I believe that I've come up with a solution for any type of
artist, emerging or established, to make his or her music available online for
free to anyone in the world -- and still earn a living."

The core of DiNizio's service is recorded music, and the first release will
establish the foundation for setting the music free. Autographed full versions of
This Is Pat DiNizio, a two-CD set of originals that's a cross between The
Beatles' "white album" and Johnny Cash's recent Rick Rubin-produced recordings,
will be available to subscribers only and never be sold in stores, at shows or
online. An abbreviated version of this initial album (14 songs or so) will be
available online for free, along with downloadable CD artwork, to anyone with a
computer and a modem.

Every four months or so, subscribers will receive another new, signed,
limited-edition DiNizio studio album; abbreviated versions of each title will be
available online for free at a later time. Other planned releases include Dark
Standards, an album of Frank Sinatra-type standards and Bjork-style remixes; and
a DiNizio demo collection of songs that will be included on the upcoming
Smithereens album.

DiNizio's service, payable in monthly installments over a period of a year, is
limited to 100 subscribers. His Patrons & Artists Together membership package
includes a Pat DiNizio Living Room concert (a concept he launched in 2000), CD
and DVD copies of the Living Room/home performance for all in attendance and a
fund-raising event/appearance for the charity of choice, one day before or after
the Living Room show (patrons' support also will enable DiNizio to bring the
healing properties of music to children's hospitals, special-needs children and
veterans hospitals across the United States). Subscribers also will receive 50
extra copies of each new CD and two Patrons & Artists Together T-shirts, as well
as two Smithereens concert tickets and backstage passes to a show of choice.

Formed in 1980 and still active with all four original members, The Smithereens
released two EPs prior to their debut album, 1986's Especially For You. Green
Thoughts followed in 1988. The 11 collection (1989) spawned "A Girl Like You,"
the band's first Billboard Top 40 pop hit. "Too Much Passion "(from 1991's Blow
Up) reached No. 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1992. Other Smithereens albums
include 1994's A Date With The Smithereens and 1999's God Save The Smithereens.

DiNizio's other music ventures have included a full-time job in Washington, D.C.,
and New York as the program director, on-air personality and artistic director of
the XM Unsigned channel for XM Satellite Radio. DiNizio also was the longtime
host of the syndicated college radio shows The Maxwell House Coffeehouse
Sessions, The Citibank/Visa Coffeehouse Sessions and The Kit-Kat Acoustic Break;
he previously served as an alternate host for Global Satellite's Rockline.

He currently is a co-chairman for B.E.A.M. (Benefiting Emerging Artists in
Music), a Jim Beam-brands division that provides grants to emerging musicians.
DiNizio also is a talent scout for Columbia Records, and he serves on the board
of governors for the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, aka the
Recording Academy.

For more information on his Patrons & Artists Together program, visit
www.patdinizio.com. To arrange for an interview, contact DiNizio at
[email protected].

*Tell everyone you know about Pat's amazing new program! If he gets 100 patrons, then his plan will be a victory and could make history on account of the record industry!

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Old 04-10-03, 09:43 PM
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Didn't Todd Rundgren try to start this as well? I think it's cool..like back when people commisioned painters or artists to perform pieces. Everyone will get music for free...those people who support Pat get more. Pat has said on his site that he has no problem with 12 people each coughing up 100 bucks over a 12 month period to share in a coop for one subscription. That's less than 9 bucks a month (two shots) to share in the spoils for an artist you admire who is ignored/dropped by the major labels because they don't fit the current trend. I'm a Smithereens fan from the beginning and Pat's the greatest guy you'll ever meet. I wish I could have seen one of the living room shows he did. This is another great idea that working musicians should explore more.

This article explains all about living room shows:

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Old 04-11-03, 07:57 AM
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I don't think I've ever gotten to do this before.... but I guess your subject line was more eye-catching. Love the Smithereens.

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Old 04-12-03, 02:27 PM
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I would give Lewis Taylor $1000 in a hot second if I knew there was new music forthcoming because of my contribution.
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Old 04-12-03, 10:11 PM
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An email list I'm on was proposing to something like this for Owsley so he would continue to record. But Owsley declined the offer. None of you probably know who this is, but he's an excellent power popper.
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Old 04-15-03, 04:09 PM
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the english band Marillion has been doning this for years, although not $1000. Mostly pre-order.
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Old 04-15-03, 08:26 PM
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I've always thought about this. If I were to inherit a ton of money or win the lottery, I'd give a certain artist all the money he wanted to create his music.
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Old 04-15-03, 11:01 PM
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Originally posted by Deftones
I've always thought about this. When I inherit a ton of money I'll give a certain artist all the money he wants to create his music.
Tball is a musician?
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Old 04-15-03, 11:03 PM
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Momus wrote songs for cash and the album is a lot of fun.

Grand artistic statement or money-grubbing sham? Befitting Momus' standing as contemporary pop's most eminent provocateur, Stars Forever is both a double-disc collection of analog-baroque cameos commissioned for $1000 each in the name of saving the singer's label from the ravages of legal fees, it's a frequently brilliant treatise on the never-ending battle between art and commerce, rising to the heights of the former as often as it succumbs to the depths of the latter. The idea behind Stars Forever is simple 30 "patrons" (among them everyone from modern artist Jeff Koons to hip NYC record store Other Music to the crazy kids who contribute to the online Indiepop List service) fork over a grand each for the honor of being eternally immortalized in a Momus song but the long-term ramifications of the project are complex and unsettling, and the paradoxes and questions it provokes are myriad. After all, who among us is truly fit to judge Momus' actions and intents? Should we respect the honesty of his "patronage pop" or deplore its capitalist shamelessness? Do these songs rob his music of the perversely personal bent which makes him special, or do they lift him out of the rut of self-obsession and offer an entirely new creative path? And what if the profits went not to a struggling indie label but to Sony? Furthermore, I'm getting paid to write this review how hypocritical is that? Perhaps the greatest value of Stars Forever is as a litmus test which forces each listener to answer these questions and countless others for themselves admire the record or despise it, it might just change your perception of pop music and the business that drives it forever. Jason Ankeny
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