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Etrigan 03-09-03 06:49 PM

Sabbath fans - Rejoice ! (Kinda)
Didn't even know this was being considered for DVD release, but went to Best Buy today, just to sniff around...and came across "Black Sabbath-Never Say Die" The '78 concert recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon in England.
I can throw away my centuries old VHS tape in the bin-at last
O.K. - This was the last tour with the original lineup -(Ozzy/Tony/Geezer/Bill) On the "Never Say Die Tour" Ozzy had left the band shortly in '77 but returned for this tour (things were not pleasant between band members at this time) and it shows.

The Facts - DVD is Region 1 only/Ratio is 4:3/2.0 and 5.1 DD/
Price was 19.99 - for a 60 minute Disc, no extras, no subtitles, English only/...nada .

Video/Audio quality is not the Greatest, But it has certainly never looked or sounded better. (I have been watching this on VHS for
apx. 20 years )

For those interested in such things, I would highly recom. it!
For all the "younguns" This is your chance to see OZ about 25 yrs. ago - Not quite the same guy as you see on "The Osbournes Cable show"
Geezer on the Rickenbacker/Bill's "Spaced out lookinhiseyes" Solo/Oz's Overweight,Drunk,Drugged stage presence/and Tony's Cool,Calm,Sopisticated,Plastic finger-tipped guitar playing. (Solo is Excellent) Is well worth the price of admission !

Of course, This is IMHO (A Sabbath fan from birth ) YMMV.

CHEERS ! jefff

Jason 03-09-03 07:50 PM

Cool! I will definitely check this out. We need more concert videos transferred to DVD.

jk4w 03-10-03 06:34 PM

Damn ! Im leaving for Best Buy right now.
Wish me luck !

benedict 04-10-03 11:47 AM

Some more news that may or may not be a cause for celebration:

<b>Joe Siegler: http://www.black-sabbath.com/news.html

April 8, 2003


Bad title pun aside :), a news story that has been making the rounds recently has turned up which tells of early recordings by Black Sabbath back when they were still called "Earth". Here's the news story...

The first recordings made by Black Sabbath, cut in 1969, when the band was still known as Earth, have been uncovered in a sound archive, RC can exclusively reveal. The multi-track tapes comprise both the eponymous debut album and its follow up, Paranoid, in both mixed and raw form. The tapes also include several previously-unreleased tracks, which should be featured in a future archive-based release. In addition, songs that surfaced on Sabbath's third album, Master Of Reality, were apparently laid down at the same time as well, mostly on multi-track stereo tapes."

- Record Collector Magazine, March Issue

This has been going around on the net for a couple of weeks now, but I didn't want to say anything until I got my own confirmation of the information. I spoke with one of my two contacts at Tony Iommi's management company, and was told this...

Just to get back to you on that Record Collector query; we have looked in to this and can confirm that the tapes do exist. They are from the earliest incarnation of Sabbath but as yet we have no track listings etc. If we get any further info....one of us will drop you a line to keep you posted.

So it appears that these recordings are real. What is on them, or where they may turn up is as of yet unknown. As was stated above, when there's more info, I'll pass it on.

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