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tha_dvd_man 03-06-03 09:57 PM

The best indian sitar albums?
I've always really liked sitar music, but have only had a couple CDs that I borrowed (stole) from my parents a while ago and don't really know much about the genre. So what are some really good albums? I'm looking for some CDs that just have good, tranquil sitar playing with those cool drums that always kick in after ten minutes. Ya know, something good to study/relax/meditate/sleep to. Any suggestions? Preferably albums that have a few really long tracks, as opposed to several 5 minute tracks and so on.

Giantrobo 03-07-03 12:12 AM

Yeah I've been meaning to post the same question. I love Sitar and Tabla(drum) music :up:

Would it be safe to assume Ravi Shankar's older stuff might be good. What about his daughter(not nora jones)?

tha_dvd_man 03-07-03 12:23 AM

Ahh, so that kind of drum is called "tabla"? That's good to know....those things sound wicked cool. :)

Giantrobo 03-07-03 07:16 PM

No one knows? :(

BDB 03-07-03 09:35 PM

Whay about that Brimful of Asha song? by cornershop

I can ask one of my workmates he listens to it all the time

GuessWho 03-08-03 10:47 AM

Def Leppard's "Slang" album has a heavy Indian influence with a sitar on several songs

Etrigan 03-08-03 11:48 AM

If you're open-minded, and like trying something "different" -
I highly suggest giving Ashwin a try.
I love these albums :D


CHEERS ! jefff

tha_dvd_man 03-08-03 01:53 PM

Are there any legal downloads or samples from those albums anywhere?

Jadzia 03-08-03 04:36 PM

If you want something relaxing, check out this record:

Himalayan Sunrise: Sitar & Tabla Backgrounds by Agni


Giantrobo 03-09-03 06:35 AM


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