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BubbleGum Babylon on Vh1(about pop music)

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BubbleGum Babylon on Vh1(about pop music)

I just caught this on Vh1 a few minutes ago.Pretty good actually discussing the real shallow manufactured side of pop music.

Anyway it was both funny & sad watching how greedy people with no talent use others in order to make a buck.

Such as the fat slob who created Backstreet Boys & Nsync.To the guy who put together New Edition & New Kids on The Block. Both sleaze balls in my opinion from there interview segments.

Though if any impressionable youth saw this special. It would be a wake up call to how shitty this music really is since it shows who's really putting the music together & destroying lives when their of no use to them anymore.

Though i have to admit.Tiffany looks totally hot today

They then followed Katie Cassidy who is beautiful looking,though only 15 & trying to become a pop star despite her dads wishes since he knows how the business really is. Anyway she covers Davids song I Think I Love You only 'updated' with a crappy beat much like Britneys cover of I Can't Get No Satisfaction.It of course songs horrible. All the while her manager/producer are pushing her to be a certain way.Trying to get her gigs & make her a 'star' & telling her how to live her life & what music to do & so on mainly by manipulating her with dreams of being 'famous'!

Well her album bombs...& she's not going to give up.At least the last time we see her in the special.

Then every so often between updates on her journey to trying to break into the scene.They discuss the dark side of the business & interview everyone from surviving members of The CowStills,The Monkees,The Defrancos,Donny Osmond,Leif Garret,David Cassidy,New Kids on the Block + current 'stars' Britney,Backstreet,Nsync,Christina Aguileria & more.

Everything from the manufactored bands.The marketing,merchandising,useing sex/image to sell,being used,taking advantage of,ripped off...& eventually the downfall for which they never recover after being labeled in the teeny bopper image.

It was interesting & would make any smart person not want to be taking for granted like that no matter how famous/popular you may be for a moment!

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I saw this when it originally aired a few months ago. A better special vh1 airs all the time is called "All Grown Up" which has interviews with todays pop stars and their jerney from teen pop to "matureer" music.
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