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The unpopular music opinion thread!

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Originally posted by Kal Jedi
Please refer to thread title, then read my post. Unpopular music opinion is what we're talking about. Not whether Webster's is right or wrong.
Y'know, I wish you had posted this like a day earlier, then I never would have re-entered the thread and we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now.......

But hey! Since I'm back, I thought I'd share some lyrics I dreamed up while driving my car. I'm confident you'll find them decidedly fresh, undeniably phat, and downright funk-ay.

I have not yet finalized a title for this song, but my top 2 choices are "Al Gore Be Mad Wack, Yo!" and "Daaaaaaammmm, Al Gore Be Straight Trippin', Y'Dig?!"

Anyway, here it goes:

[First verse]
Why, oh why, would you vote for Al Gore?
The man is truly, deeply, a bore.
Speech-wise, he merely prompts me to snore;
That's been the case since the days of yore.
I've said it before,
I'll say it once more:
You'd best vote Repub in two thousand four!

Al Gore wants to be my President?!
He's robotic - just like a Replicant!
Talks about "lock-box," pop-rocks and cock-blocks,
Like a dork from Tennessee's boondocks.
Claimed: "I invented the Internet!"
That, my friends, is the dumbest one yet!

I have, admittedly, not written the second or third verses yet, but you get the idea. If you were paying attention, you'll note that I used words that *actually rhyme*, unlike a certain other white rapper: pistols / shxt's cool; ourselves / our sales; of self / the mail; nothin / wanted; own it / golden.

I'm sorry, folks, but if "of self" rhymes with "the mail," then "penis" rhymes with "vagina."

And as to why other musicians heap ejaculatory orgasmic praise on Eminem, I believe the answer is immediately obvious: They haven't been de-programmed by yours truly yet. I'm workin' on it, though.

Finally, it should have dawned on everyone by now that if you keep giving me ammo, I'll keep coming in this thread and being a dick. Don't wanna hear from me again? Don't quote my posts and refute them! But if you do, please make it a point to make fun of metal, because unlike some, I have something resembling a sense of humor about my music, and I'd gladly join in the metal-bashing.
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I think bands like...

Simple Plan
The Donnas
Good Charlotte
New Found Glory

are the best thing to happen to pop music in the past 10 years.*

*notice I didn't call them punk bands.....we don't need that argument to fill up this "rap sucks" thread.
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Sigur Ros ( ) is one of worst albums I have ever heard.
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Originally posted by inVectiVe
I'll keep coming in this thread and being a dick.
Truer words have never been spoken.

PS - I hate Eminem.
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Musical opinion threads of three pages or more suck.
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