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Captain Harlock 02-21-03 12:49 AM

Do you try to get albums/CD's autographed?
I only have a few of my CD's signed. I only try to ask after shows if an artist is already signing them.

The thing is I got into an argument with some bozo about this. He kept saying "Hey man, the minute you ask them to sign something you're making them a celebrity". To which I replied "Well if you're paying money to see them aren't they already a celebrity?".

So how many of you have had stuff signed after shows?

Ergyu 02-21-03 02:07 AM

I don't have too many signed items. I've never physically been present when I had something signed though.

I have Dredg's Leitmotif signed, bought off Ebay.

I have a tool promo photo personally signed to me (from Toolarmy.com)

I have a promo press kit for The Downward Spiral signed by Trent Reznor I bought at a record store.

And I have a baseball signed by the 196-something Giants hehe.

tha_dvd_man 02-21-03 02:23 AM

Besides a Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album autographed by Corgan which I got from a friend, I don't have any nor do I try to get any autographed.

KevinSmithIsGod 02-22-03 11:33 AM

I have atleast 50 autographs..some CDs, some posters..
I usually only get a CD signed of a band that I only "like". If its a band I LOVE, I get a poster or something larger signed. A signed CD cover is pointless because you cant display...
My room is like walkin into the hard rock..

Adam Tyner 02-22-03 11:44 AM

I tend to have 'phases' I go through. It was CD inserts, then setlists, then posters, then t-shirts.

gregorymarshall 02-25-03 03:30 PM

Funny to me that you mention that. I had an idea like 2 years ago to have a certain amount of cd's autographed by the artist.

That should drum up sales: 1 out of every 50 Avril Lavigne cd's is signed by her!!!

Imagine the possibilities!!

Penny Lane 02-26-03 12:15 AM

I've gotten three autographs from musicians, and since two out of those three were complete asses about it, I decided to never ask again.

tha_dvd_man 02-26-03 12:20 AM

Originally posted by Penny Lane
I've gotten three autographs from musicians, and since two out of those three were complete asses about it, I decided to never ask again.
Who were the asses?

cdollaz 02-26-03 09:46 AM

I've gotten a few, and all of them were really cool:

Henry Rollins
Barenaked Ladies
George Clinton
Public Enemy
Elvis Costello
Faith No More
Rage Against The Machine
King's X
Peter Murphy

A buddy ran into Neil Peart and said he was a total A-hole.

Geofferson 02-26-03 09:54 AM

I got a couple albums/CDs signed too (most signed after concerts):

David Lee Roth
Def Leppard
Jimmy Page
Dave Grohl

fazeem 02-26-03 01:23 PM

I have gotten a few things signed and I usually take a CD booklet with me to concerts if I think I might be able to meet the band (i.e. the band are playing a small venue)

Things I have gotten signed:
Radiator CD - Signed by Gruff of Super Furry Animals
UNKLE CD Cover signed by DJ Shadow and James Lavelle
Electric Guitar signed by Richard Ascroft (acquired via eBay)
and las but not least a Jesus Jones CD - signed by entire band.

Penny Lane 02-26-03 04:38 PM

Originally posted by tha_dvd_man
Who were the asses?
Jay Farrar and Ryan Adams.

borisdisco 02-26-03 05:19 PM

I went to an Our Lady Peace concert, and if you bought a CD, the band autogrphed it after the show. I appreciated it.

Giles 02-27-03 10:35 AM

Super Furry Animals - Radiator: met and got the band to sign my CD.


Muse: had the chance to meet and got lead singer's Matt Bellamy's autograph

Ash: won a poster signed by the band.

Hefner: autograph from lead singer Darren Hayman

the narrator 02-27-03 10:37 AM

i've got the following

Good Charlote-- signed first CD at Warped Tour 2 years ago

Sugarcult--singed promo post card at warped tour 2 years ago...signed their CD last year at Warped Tour

Alien Ant Farm--singed CD at Warped Tour

that is all I have

F For Fake 03-03-03 04:05 PM

CD inserts are too small for autographing, I think. I've got a couple (TMBG, Frances Ruffelle) but I prefer getting album covers signed. I was lucky enough to meet Elvis Costello after a show a couple of years ago, and he gave me a HUGE signiture with a little doodle that looks SO cool on the album cover, but would have been a mess on a cd insert.

Phuzbox 03-03-03 06:36 PM

Hooverphonic in Austin a few years ago.

Matt 03-03-03 06:56 PM

I've got a copy of The Spaghetti Incident? autographed by Axl and Slash, won from Rockline in January 1994.

(I know, I know, the album sucks, but its a neat conversation piece.)

SubZero 03-03-03 07:19 PM

For those of you into DJ'ing and dance music, I have some of the biggest names in the biz on my slipmats and some vinyl/cd's. I'm really no autograph hound, but I've just been in some lucky situations.

atlantamoi 03-03-03 10:46 PM

A Cd signed by the Ramones, Squeeze and X. I really am not into this kind of thing. Part of me doesn't really want to even meet my favorite musicians because I'd rather keep the mystique.
I had a chance to interview one of my all time fave rockers (Paul Westerberg) and turned it down. Goofy, huh?

Scorpio 03-04-03 02:27 AM

I have a Tony Bennett CD insert signed by him when he was promoting his autobiography. Also have Ozzy's autograph on a 12" vinyl album cover (No More Tears), framed and mounted, won from a record store.

Giantrobo 03-04-03 06:37 PM

I have my cd copy of "MUTTER" autographed by all the members of RAMMSTIEN. :up:

I've also got one of the old style cd cardboard boxes autographed by ACE FREHLEY and FREHLEY'S COMETS. :up:

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