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DVD DVD DVD 02-19-03 01:22 AM

Best online store that will take used CDs
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know which online sites will take used cds? I have tons of old cds I would like to get rid off.

Most of them I bought from BMG, so they have the "manufactured for bmg" logo on the back. Will online stores take these?

How much can you get for a used cd these days?


Rypro 525 02-19-03 01:24 AM

I took back 2 cds (beastie boys hello nasty since i already had a copy since a friend gave me one, and r kellys r) and got 10 bucks total.

DVD DVD DVD 02-19-03 01:28 AM

Thanks for the info rypro, but where did you take your cds back to?

SAShepherd 02-19-03 09:59 AM

I've had decent luck with secondspin.com. I just placed an "order" with uzed.com, but haven't sent it in, so I can't comment on their standards, pay fulfillment, etc. (Prices, though, seemed comparable with secondspin, and they give a shipping credit if you sell 12 or more CDs.) Spun.com used to have decent sell-back prices, but no more (plus, you only get 50% credit if you want cash.

Yes, most of these places will take BMG discs.

You can get $4-5 for newer, popular discs; expect $2 for older, less popular discs, if not less.

Meatpants 02-19-03 11:41 AM

Secondspin is great, they will take music club CDs but not promos (the kind that have "For Promotional Use Only" stamped on them). Any CDs they refused to buy from me they sent back at their own expense. :thumbsup:

Heat 02-19-03 01:12 PM

While they won't take CDs stamped "for promotional use only", they will take CDs that have holes in the corners or notches on them (at least they used to).

And they are picky about scratches, which is good for me since I buy used CDs from them (out of 20+ CDs, every one has been in good to excellent condition).

DVD DVD DVD 02-19-03 04:52 PM

Thanks guys, realy appreciate the information. Now my cds can find a really good second home.

What about cd cases? They crack really easily during transit. Any tips on packaging?

Rypro 525 02-19-03 04:58 PM

Originally posted by DVD DVD DVD
Thanks for the info rypro, but where did you take your cds back to?
Local place Record and tape traders in reisterstown.

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