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fallow 02-16-03 05:01 PM

Today's CDs (2/16)
Argh, the snow that's been pouring out of the sky has turned into freezing rain. That means that the Q and Not U concert for tonight has been postponed, which furthermore means that my interview is postponed. Hence, all I have to do is study (ha, yeah right) and listen to music.

Today's line-up is:
Out Hud - S.T.R.E.E.T. D.A.D.
Sigur Ros - ( )
Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun
Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation

DJLinus 02-16-03 05:07 PM

Slick Rick - The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
Slick Rick - The Art of Storytelling
Slick Rick - Legends Vol. 2 (mixed by J-Love)
Scratch - The Embodiment of Instrumentation
Rahzel - Make the Music 2000
Skillz - Got Skillz???: The Neptunes Collection Vol. 1
Talib Kweli - Quality

I'm snowed in, mostly transferring the above into my mp3 player, cleaning my office and waiting for the Simpsons to come on.

I hope class is cancelled tomorrow, but I doubt it will be. Just as long as WWE Raw at Nationwide Arena isn't cancelled...

Starlover 02-16-03 05:33 PM

Killing Joke- Killing Joke
Massive Attack- 100th Window
Isis- Oceanic
Coldplay- Parachutes

evenflow 02-16-03 06:05 PM

Radiohead-The Bends
The Roots-Phrenology
A Perfect Circle-Mer de Noms
Soundtrack-Reservoir Dogs
Soundtrack-The Royal Tenenbaums

SnoopDogg 02-16-03 10:56 PM

I checked out the

Freeway Album and the New Killer Mike - Monster CD.

Both are ok-good.

mike1978 02-17-03 12:01 AM

Giddy Motors - "Make It Pop"
Wire - "154"
Ted Leo - "Hearts of Oak"
MP3s of Yo La Tengo's "Summer Sun"
Holopaw - s/t

fallow 02-17-03 03:43 AM

Originally posted by mike1978
Giddy Motors - "Make It Pop"
How is the Giddy Motors album? The stuff I've read about it seems really interesting.

Yancey 02-17-03 10:25 AM

Originally posted by fallow
How is the Giddy Motors album? The stuff I've read about it seems really interesting.
Well the Pitchfork review comparing it to all of the post-post-punk bands was complete bullsh*t. It sounds nothing like any of that. That aside, the album is a good combo of math- and noise-rock.

mike1978 02-17-03 10:33 AM

Originally posted by fallow
How is the Giddy Motors album? The stuff I've read about it seems really interesting.
See Yancey's comments. I wouldn't give it a rating quite as high as Pitchfork did, but it's worth picking up.

SAShepherd 02-17-03 10:43 AM

The Strokes - Is This It
Moby - Play
The New P**nographers - Mass Romantic
Cake - Motorcade of Generosity
Built to Spill - Keep It Like A Secret
Diana Krall - Love Scenes

anglagard 02-17-03 02:07 PM

Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever
Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure
Oysterband - Deep Dark Ocean
Waterboys - Best of '81-'90
Quella Vecchia Locanda - Il Tempo Della Gioia
George Harrison - Somewhere in England
King Crimson - Thrak
Steve Vai - The Ultra Zone
Primus - Suck on This
Pink Floyd - Bytes of the Talisman
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Yancey 02-18-03 12:29 PM

Today I'm listening to a mix I made last night that I'm very happy with. I'll be sending a copy to Pikul soon. The tracklisting:

Herbert - "You Saw It All"
Masha Qrella - "I Want You to Know"
Octopus Project - "The Way Things Go"
Vehicle Birth - "Marathon"
Nivea - "Don't Mess With My Man"
Abba - "Suzy Hang-Around"
Flaming Groovies - "Teenage Confidential"
Leonard Cohen - "The Partisan"
Calla - "Fear of Fireflies"
Country Teasers - "Secrets in Welsh"
Wedding Present - "Kennedy"
Mission of Burma - "Progress"
Misfits - "Hybrid Moments"
Iran - "San Diego"
Uncle Tupelo - "Black Eye"
Music Group - "Be"
Arthur Alexander - "Black Night"
Bootsy Collins - "I'd Rather Be With You"
90 Day Men - "National Car Crash"
Hank Williams - "Cool Water"

Chopper 02-18-03 12:51 PM

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
The Streets - Original Pirate Material

And then I'll put a CD with all the Oasis CDs in MP3 on random & use that for most of the rest of the day.

Gdrlv 02-18-03 02:35 PM

I saw Phish twice this weekend, so I'm on a bit of a Phish kick...

Phish - Round Room
Phish - Live Phish 07
Phish - Las Vegas, NV 9/29-30/00 (Bootleg)
Crooked Fingers - Red Devil Dawn
DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist - Product Placement

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