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phreeek 02-13-03 05:24 PM

Prince/TAFKAP fans, need input
making a mixed tape for a friend who wanted to get a copy of "p control" because we saw stripper dance to it. Now he wants me to put more Prince songs on the rest of the tape.

What should I put on? Where to begin?

I'm going to stick on the more obscure side of his career, but I'm not sure what to put there. All I'm thinking so far is "P control," "Sex MF," "Mountains," "Hot Thing," and to show some of his musical depth, "Slow Love."

What would you put on? Any ideas welcome, even the "big hits."

Rogue588 02-13-03 06:02 PM

So...what kind of disc do you want it to be...?

If I were you..i'd give him a double disc..one disc funk..other disc booty. Or you could just make him an mp3 discography..[Which I sometimes do since it's kinda hard to just pick some...]

I'll post track suggestions later..

DJLinus 02-13-03 08:48 PM

Not obscure, but no Prince mix would be complete without "Erotic City." Some of his lesser-known songs that I like: "Peach," "Blue Light," "I Like It There," "The Continental," and "Do U Lie." But, like Rogue588 said, it really depends on what type of mix you are making.

"P Control" is probably my fave, though.

phreeek 02-13-03 09:28 PM

Thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep them coming, please.

I think I might put "Chaos and Disorder" on there too. It's weird that an album he disavowed is one I really like.

Rogue588: I look forward to your suggestions. I'm not sure what you mean by a funk disc and a booty disc, since I thought they were one and the same ;). However, what would you suggest for each? Do you mean one that's more uptempo, and another that's going to take the place of that worn out Barry White tape, if you know what I mean?

DJLinus: Thanks for your suggestions. I only have his albums from "Dirty Mind" up to "The Gold Experience." (ie--I don't have "Emancipation"). What albums are "Blue Light," "The Continental" and "Do U Lie" from? I'd forgotten about "Erotic City" and "Peach." Thanks.

DJLinus 02-13-03 10:04 PM

Re: Thanks.

Originally posted by phreeek

DJLinus: Thanks for your suggestions. I only have his albums from "Dirty Mind" up to "The Gold Experience." (ie--I don't have "Emancipation"). What albums are "Blue Light," "The Continental" and "Do U Lie" from? I'd forgotten about "Erotic City" and "Peach." Thanks.

"Blue Light" (a slow reggae song) and "The Continental" (nice and uptempo) are from the album he titled with that unpronounceable symbol. I think it's great - very underrated. "My Name Is Prince" is off of that, as well as "7" (both good singles).

"Do U Lie" is a nice little ditty from Parade (the soundtrack to that God-awful movie "Under the Cherry Moon"). "Kiss" was on this album. So was "Girls and Boys" (I forget if that was a single).

I agree with you about "Chaos and Disorder" - it's really a good album.

Oh yeah - one more came to me. "Tamborine" (sp?) off of Around the World in a Day (correct title?) is fun. "Raspberry Berret" is on that album, as well.

HotThang 02-14-03 02:31 AM

My choice is kinda abvious :-)

I'd also choose Erotic City, Dirty Mind, DMSR, Darling Nikki, When Doves Cry, Mountains, Raspberry Beret, Pop Life.

For nostalgic purposes... I like his versions of When You Were Mine (covered by Cyndi Lauper), I Feel For You (Covered by Chaka and Reebie Jackson), Do Me Baby (covered by M'Lisa Morgan) and How Come You Don't Call Me? (covered by Alicia Keyes and Stephanie Mills)

Giantrobo 02-14-03 03:53 AM

Insatiable :up:

Rogue588 02-14-03 05:16 AM

Man...there's so much more I could've put on here. As it is, I tried to keep it down to 78 minutes. [Though, I know I didn't do a good job...:)]

And I realize you said you only had up to 'tGE', but ya really should grab 'Emancipation', 'Crystal Ball', & 'Newpowersoul' too. Each could be found for $15 or less. [Emancipation & CB are both multi-disc sets] I also tried to limit the "B sides" and not put any outtakes.

This is the small sampling I came up with..without further ado..here we go...

Soft & Wet
When You Were Mine
Lady Cab Driver
Play In the Sunshine [It should be the LIVE version from the Sign 'O' the Times movie]
Vicky Waiting
We Can Funk
Willing And Able [Diamonds & Pearls Video Collection "Unplugged" version]
Sexy MF
the Max
Call the Law*
Erotic City
Feel U Up
Irresistible Bitch
Rock Hard In A Funky Place
Billy Jack Bitch
Sex In The Summer
Face Down
Hide The Bone
Poom Poom
Come On

*Even though Tony M is the...um..."vocalist" for this song, P's bass and Michael B's drums make this song too nasty.

When We're Dancing Close And Slow
Do Me, Baby
the Beautiful Ones
Venus De Milo
the Question Of U
Damn U
Pink Cashmere
One Kiss At A Time
Soul Sanctuary
Dreamin' About U
the One
Underneath the Cream

cdollaz 02-14-03 09:23 AM

In This Bed I Scream
Let's Pretend We're Married
I No (from Lovesexy)
Tick Tick Bang
17 Days

Spiderbite 02-14-03 10:10 AM

I can't believe no one has mentioned Gett Off yet!

bralph 02-14-03 04:42 PM

Re: Re: Thanks.
319 - Gold Experience
Lemon Crush - Batman
Alphabet St - Lovesexy
Bob George - Black Album
Wanna Melt With U - NPG Album
Loose - Come

Many other great suggestions already in this thread.

Rogue588 02-14-03 05:17 PM

Originally posted by brianluvdvd
I can't believe no one has mentioned Gett Off yet!
Actually...Violet the Organ Grinder is much better. IMO.

phreeek 02-16-03 10:54 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions.

I'm doing the two CD's, and sort of blending all the recommendations.

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