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New a perfect circle members?

Old 02-11-03, 03:41 PM
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New a perfect circle members?

From a perfect

Regarding the departure of the one known as “Paz”-
Paz has been a vegan for many years. As many of you may know, sometimes the lack of protein in one’s diet can leave them borderline anemic and, occasionally, a bit delirious. After a festival show featuring APC and the The Smashing Pumpkins, Paz, in a state of “meat deprivation,” followed a “bald man named Billy” onto the wrong bus and we haven’t seen her since. Milk carton photos have, so far, been ineffective. Any help would be appreciated.

Regarding the “New Guy” on bass-

Jeordie White, otherwise known as “Twiggy,” (formerly of “Marilyn Manson,”) has replaced Paz as the new APC bass player. Jeordie, in between jobs, answered a classified ad in the "Music Connection” which read… “Established band seeks professional, experienced bass player. Must have a van and must resemble Don Knotts. Long hair a plus.” The rest is history. Congratulations, Jeordie. This is the biggest mistake you have ever or will ever make.

Regarding the abduction of the one currently known as “Troy VanLeeuwen,” and occasionally known as “Toby or Todd Lewin,”-

Reports have come in stating Troy has been seen hanging around with Craig Kilbourn. Other sources say Troy has been abducted by a hostile yet stable group of extraterrestrials posing as a band of Gypsy crack whores. Lucky for us, we have “fitted” Troy with a self-destruct mechanism for just such an occasion. If any of these “aliens” attempt what we in the biz refer to as a “Greek Wedding”… KABOOOM! Good luck, Troy. Come back often.

Regarding the “New Guy” on guitar-

Renholder. Figure it out. This multi-talented individual (who suffers from an extremely rare form of social tourette's) wears many hats; all of which he hangs on the wall next to his soiled futon. Impersonator of circus gorillas, moon walker, psychic medium to the stars, serial/cereal coupon hoarder, owner of the most extensive collection of “COPS” episodes on this planet, coined the term, “Tijuana boob job,” as well as aficionado of all things “boob job.” These are just a few of his many, many talents.

Regarding the “New Album Title”-

We are currently in litigation with The Offspring over this. More info on this subject will be posted as it becomes available.

love, apc

Twiggy & Danny Lohner? interesting....
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Old 02-11-03, 04:01 PM
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Very interesting.
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Old 02-11-03, 05:03 PM
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Definitely going to miss Paz! I thought we were so lucky to have her in two bands. Plus she played violn and other instruments.
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Old 02-11-03, 06:01 PM
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wow, i figured Paz was just gonna do both. Twiggy will be great though, he is under-rated cuz he is over shadowed by Manson himself.

Danny on guitar as well, kickin'! this should be swell as hell
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Old 02-11-03, 08:00 PM
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So lets see what bands are represented here:

Marilyn Manson

Its a goth's dream!
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Old 02-11-03, 09:10 PM
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Hell ya hehe. This has been floating around the TOOLarmy forums for a while now. I never thought Twiggy would actually be in but that's cool, I was gonna miss him from Manson anyway.

Paz on the other hand, is really hot, I'll give her that, but the only thing we're gonna miss is her violin because her bass wasn't earth shatteringly good (or needed) in the first place. Not that bass isn't need, I mean she wasn't like the God of bass anyway, so any old player really will do.

The fact is that as long as Maynard and Billy are there, APC is there. Either one of them chooses to leave and it's over.
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Old 02-11-03, 09:40 PM
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I'd like to see A Perfect Circle team up with Deftones for a tour at some point.

Paz was great on the violin. She'll be missed.
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Old 02-11-03, 09:58 PM
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The violin on Mer de Noms was something I really liked alot...which to be honest really surprised me! But I agree her bass was nothing ground braking that cannot be replaced. It will be interesting to see the direction the music goes on this new album.

I agree that if Maynard was to ever depart, it would probably be over sucess wise for APC, because I guarantee the majority of APC fans came from the Tool camp. Even it that were to ever happen I would still support Billy because he makes amazing music.
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Originally posted by Frank TJ Mackey
I'd like to see A Perfect Circle team up with Deftones for a tour at some point.
It wouldnt surprise me if were to happen, Maynard is a fan of the Deftones.
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The first album was so amazing (Magdalena was my favorite song) I can't wait until the next album. I hope they can still put the same amount of emotion in their songs as they did on the first album.
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