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Buttmunker 01-25-03 08:49 AM

Total Rock, Vol.II (Import - Various Artists)
This is out, and I'm very eager to get it, but for one little thing. I can't find out what tracks are included in the 2-disc set.

To backtrack my interest, I found "Total Rock, Vol.I" last year that had hits from 2001

"Hanging By A Moment " (Lifehouse)
"My Own Worse Enemy" (Lit)
"Right Now" (sr-71)
"Hemorrhage (In My Hands)" (Fuel)
"All Star" (Smash Mouth)
"Drive" (Incubus)
"You're A God" (Vertical Horizon)
"Teenage Dirtbag" (Wheatus)
"Promise" (Eve 6)
"Last Resort" (Papa Roach)

Just to name a few. Great songs on one set, without all the rap and dance music mixed in.

I suspect the second volume, including songs from 2002, will be just as great, but I would like to see the track listing before buying. If I can't find out, I may buy it anyway. Chances are...

Sadly, there's no website on the first disc.

Jason 01-25-03 09:34 AM

Is this like a rock version of the NOW collections? If so, and the previous one looked good to you, I imagine the current one would be a safe bet.

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