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JediDuck 01-23-03 04:13 PM

What is that Goodfellas song?
What is the song that is playing in the background when Henry Hill is mixing up the coke for the first time? (Side B, Scene 4). It's also in Casino when Nicky gets into a brawl and is doing coke?

I ask because it's playing at the moment on a Scorsese tv commercial and for me that song defines Martin Scorsese.

filmgoer 01-23-03 04:33 PM

Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones...

If I recall, he uses a card (from a deck) to sift the coke...


JediDuck 01-23-03 06:37 PM

I'm listening to it at the moment, great song. Thanks filmgoer!

Tyler_Durden 01-31-03 01:23 PM

To me, this song epitomizes what I call "decadent dolce vita" (drugs, women, crime etc). Maybe that's thanks to Scorsese, I'm not sure, but nevertheless, Gimme Shelter is, in my view, definitely among the top 10 rock songs ever made.

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