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cdollaz 01-07-03 04:48 PM

Make fun of Silverchair all you want, but...
The singer just got engaged to Natalie Imbruglia. Damn.

movieking 01-07-03 04:51 PM

Poor David Schwimmer. First he loses Rachel on the show, now his ex is getting married to a kid (well, he's 23, but when I think of Silverchair, I think of them as kids).

GuessWho 01-07-03 05:07 PM


http://www.undercover.com.au/natalieimbruglia.jpg She's "Torn"


SpaceBoy 01-07-03 05:39 PM

Hey, I actually like SilverChair. :)

[email protected] never realized she was so hot.. must be the light. ;)

Giantrobo 01-07-03 07:24 PM

Hey, even losers get lucky with babes sometimes :lol:

movieking 01-07-03 09:55 PM

What a great picture. I never thought much of her before, but Holy Cow!

Gunshy 01-08-03 01:30 AM

Good for him, at least he's (still) got something that sounds good (I mean just looka that photo of her - use your imagination!) 'cause their last CD was horrible and I really liked their first effort too :(


SnoopDogg 01-08-03 01:40 AM

Frogstomp was awesome....Love that cd

good for him and Natalie.

Mr. Self Destruct 01-08-03 02:57 AM

I'm so jealous. I think she is incredibly attractive and has a very sexy accent. Ah, well....

Penny Lane 01-08-03 08:56 AM

What's wrong with Silverchair? I like them. :confused:

Or I used to, anyway. I haven't been keeping up with them for the past few years.

Flashback 01-08-03 09:43 AM

Originally posted by Giantrobo
Hey, even losers get lucky with babes sometimes :lol:
How is he a loser?

Well, I say good for him. That is a fine looking woman.

SpaceBoy 01-08-03 10:16 AM

Yeah I like them too, Frogstomp and Neon Ballroom were both good to me.. That last mess, different story.

grunter 01-08-03 10:49 AM

Did they meet on VH1's "One Hit Wonder" show?

tofu 01-08-03 05:43 PM

Lucky guy. :( Tho, I do like Silverchair, especially that anorexic song, Ana's Song.
But isn't he like 10 years younger than her?

Frank TJ Mackey 01-08-03 11:29 PM

I like ANA'S SONG a lot. An all-time favorite.

But Miss Imbruglia is going to have to deal with
his anorexia. The dude weighed like 90 pounds or something
at one point.

Kinda scary.

Iron Chef 01-08-03 11:53 PM

she's hawt

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