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Pillowhead 01-03-03 11:54 AM

Massive Attack 100th Window
Massive Attack's new album the 100th Window is due out in February. Sinead O' Connor is on 3 of the 9 tracks. I'm kind of interested as to how this will sound. Hard to top Mezzanine. Anybody else looking forward to this disc?

BDB 01-03-03 02:21 PM

Certainly, sinead has been doing a lot of guest vocals lately.

Rogue588 01-03-03 03:17 PM

This disc is Fantastic! I'm really loving it. Sinead's vocals blend right in. But, of course, NOTHING they do will ever compare to "Unfinished Sympathy". :D


fazeem 01-03-03 03:46 PM

100th Window is amazing!
I've been listening to this CD for the past week and I still hear so many new things in it. I'm not sure if it's as good as Mezzanine, but there are many excellent songs on it. The songs that Sinead is on are all excellent.

I can't wait for the official release and hopefully a stateside tour. (they've just added a 4th show in London after selling out 3 at the Brixton Academy.

check my website for some massive attack musings. Supernautic

Frank TJ Mackey 01-04-03 07:28 PM

this album is floating around on the net if anyone wants to preview it before your purchase

Giles 02-13-03 01:04 AM

anyone, anyone... who's bought this? Thoughts? I have read at least three negative reviews of this and would like to hear from some fans. My friend says the album is more on the same lines as "Protection" and "Mezzanine" but not similiar to "Blue Lines".

Rogue588 02-13-03 01:09 AM

My thoughts on it are two posts above.

Hasn't changed.

the Critics can go to ....

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