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Goodbye Save Ferris (long/pics)

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Goodbye Save Ferris (long/pics)

This is a sad day for me, for I have discovered that Save Ferris is no more. Some of you may already know, as the Sept. 20 2002 show was their last, and here it is almost 2 months later and I find out. Thanks to El-Scorcho for letting me know in this thread:

Originally posted by El Scorcho:
"Hello everyone. Let's get to the point, Save Ferris has broken up. We have broken up as of Sept.20th...Which was our last show that we agreed to play. I know I went on record saying that we were taking a long break, but that was what the band agreed we would tell everyone. So that we could fade away quietly. You don't know how bad I wanted a formal announcement, so that more people could have said goodbye, Im sorry for that.

On a brighter note, I would love to take the opportunity to thank you all for being so [email protected]*cking supportive throughout the bands career. And I really mean that, and im sure I can speak for the whole band when I say that. We did it without radio, and without MTV, it was because of you guys! I hope the shows were fun for you as they were for me. I really had a great experience playing with the band, learned alot too. So thanks again for all the great memories,,,Save Ferris Fans are and will always be the best!!!!........."
I guess they achieved what they wanted, they faded into non-existence. If I had know then I would have definately gone to that Sept. 20th show. I almost did go too! Damn!!!

I thought that I would take this time to share some of my fondest Save Ferris memories, and to do that I have to think back all the way to the beginning, 1995; the very first X-103.9 X-Mas Fest, the very first time that I ever won a radio contest, and the first time I was privilaged enough to see Save Ferris live.

X-103.9 was promoting their X-Mas fest by giving away CDs from the bands that were playing. If you were the right caller then you got to pick which band you wanted the CD from. I happened to be the right caller, and since I couldn't remember any of the other bands off the top of my head, I picked Save Ferris. I hadn't really heard their song, maybe 2 or 3 times before that, but I took the chance, and it turned out that this short, 18 minute CD would be one of the best in my collection:

I didn't get this CD signed at X-Mas Fest, but rather the following year when Save Ferris played a free show for the lucky few that either won tickets through X-103.9 or were finalists in the Gameworks Top Skater Competition. My friend did both! 1 night before Gameworks opened to the public, a few hundred people got to see Save Ferris perform along with some other band that I forget at the moment. After the performance we went up to the 2nd floor and were able to see Monique. Afterwards we saw her a few more times playing video games.

I think one of the most memorable Save Ferris show that I was able to go to was in Las Vegas. It is really memorable because we had to go twice, as the first show was postponed for a month. We didn't find out until we were already in Vegas though. Oh well. It was still fun. The first time we ended up sleeping in the back of my truck in the Wild Bills parking lot at State Line. The 2nd time we went we got a room in Vegas. The show, as all of Save Ferris's shows, was awesome. Monique just puts such energy into her lyrics, and she makes great connections with the audience.

After a long time of listening to an 18 minute CD and seeing a few shows Save Ferris finally came out with a 2nd CD... It Means Everything:

The week that this CD came out, I of course picked it up on Tuesday, they had a show at the Palace on Friday. At the show they announced that if you bought the CD there, then you could stay after the show was over and get it signed by the band. What did we do? Well we bought the CD again of course! They were there signing until almost 2AM! But they wouldn't leave until every last CD was signed! I think I gave my extra copy of the CD to a friend as a gift.

I got to spend Halloween with Save Ferris once... at the Glass House in Pomona. This was definately one of SF's best shows because everyone was dressed in costume, Mo was Marylin Monroe:

Now we have the 3rd CD, Modified:

This time we had the CDs signed when we bought them. Save Ferris was in-store at Mad Platter in Riverside (old location which is now called Sounds Like) and I took off from school to meet my friend there and see have the band sign the new CD. While my CD was being signed Monique noticed the shirt I was wearing:

and commented on how 'old school' it was! For a band that had only been around for 5 years or so, it was interesting to hear her call a shirt old-school! She told me that at the show later that week at the Glass House, (which I was at of course) that they would have a new shirt with Transformers on it. It was a cool shirt so I picked it up.

The last show that I got to see Save Ferris at was actually a free show in front of the Stables at my school, Cal Poly Pomona. It was a great show, but the open grass allowed people to spread out more, and the crowd wasn't as lively as they are in a club setting.

All told I have been to over a dozen Save Ferris shows, and they are definately my favorite live band. I wish that they had held on a little longer. My friend and I were just talking the other day about how we hoped that they would get picked up by a new lable, so that we could get a new album. And now we missed the last Save Ferris show ever.

So long Save Ferris, you will be missed.


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