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Rypro 525 10-29-02 04:18 PM

if you think avril lavgine is a punk poser, read this artical

Groucho 10-29-02 04:20 PM

I used to think Avril Lavgine was a punk poser. I read the article, and now I KNOW she is a punk poser.

GuessWho 10-29-02 04:29 PM

poser or genuine... who cares.

i like the way her songs sound. nothing else matters.

Tom Banjo 10-29-02 04:34 PM

At least she's a HOT punk poser.

Ralph Wiggum 10-29-02 05:12 PM

I don't like "her" music at all so her punk cred isn't even an issue for me.

stevevt 10-29-02 05:26 PM

I can't bring myself to click on an ew.com link.

This whole thread was a "who's the real punk poser?" test, right?

DodgingCars 10-29-02 05:32 PM

Was the article supposed to convince of? That she really is or that she isn't?

Alyoshka 10-29-02 05:49 PM

What is a punk? :confused:

Goat3001 10-29-02 06:07 PM

Originally posted by Tom Banjo
At least she's a HOT punk poser.

döwntempö 10-29-02 06:15 PM

Avril's no more punk than Britney or Christina. It's all about sellin' records, and that's it.

Josh-da-man 10-29-02 11:19 PM

I don't really think "poser" covers it.

She's really sort of beyond "poser."

Anti-Britney? How so? Is Britney suddenly persona-non-grata in the pop music scene? Why do I sound like I even give a ****?

Scorpio 10-30-02 12:07 AM

I'll be picking up Avril's CD along with Tori's new one tomorrow. I love both of her singles. The music sounds good and that's all that matters.

freedexter 10-30-02 12:36 AM

Music is like religion - it's so hard to discuss, because attacking an artist is like attacking fans of the artist. If you call somebody a loser, people who like that person will probably offended, because of assocation, they are losers too.

That being said, I read the EW Question and Answer session she did...she acknowledges she is not "punk", and says its just a label affixed on her. I couldn't care less, I don't buy CDs because somebody looks good.

Besides, I've yet to see a "real punk". Who are the current artists that are "punk"? Wouldn't they just be copying the "original punks"? I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I imagine that punks really don't exist these days.

Ralph Wiggum 10-30-02 04:29 AM

The whole concept of punk fashion was a joke by Johnny Rotten way back in the day anyways.

Maybe I'm a purist, but I've always thought of punk as a f the establishment/anti-conformity be true to your self attitude. The 80s injected the DIY element and that is it. Nothing about fashion or sound IMO. You can be punk in any style of music.

Most bands co-opt the stereotypical punk fashion and fast, distorted three chord tunes because that is what the Sex Pistols and Ramones did to start, however their respective sounds were extremely reactionary to their time and place.

custom001 10-30-02 05:44 AM

Who said she's punk at all?

She's as much punk as shania twain is country.

Her album is really awesome, though IMO.

Precious 10-30-02 07:27 AM

I like the music and don't give a damn about the genre they market her in.

Toxygen 10-30-02 09:00 AM

I'm waiting for someone to post the makeup-less pics :D

come on people, it's an avril lavigne thread! :lol:

schizopak 10-30-02 09:11 AM

i can care less about the image thing. her music is good.


Pointyskull 10-30-02 09:26 AM

My daughter is 11, and was up until not too long ago a huge Britney fan, until WonderJugs started overdoing the sleaz-o angle in an attempt to broaden her appeal.

In the eyes of my kid, Avril is the absolute best in part because she's not strutting around in low-cut pants or push-up bras (yets).

Yeah, I'll admit Britney is a major hot thang, but personally, I like Avril's non-sex bomb image, and her music (measured against others in it's genre) ain't bad either.

GuessWho 10-30-02 10:07 AM

Originally posted by Scorpio
I'll be picking up Avril's CD along with Tori's new one tomorrow. I love both of her singles. The music sounds good and that's all that matters.
Avril's is 9.99 at Rolling Stones right now

Ginwen 10-30-02 12:42 PM

I'm pretty sure it's poseur. Or some screwy spelling like that.

Mopower 10-30-02 12:45 PM

Originally posted by Tom Banjo
At least she's a HOT punk poser.
HA, Not if you get rid of her makeup.


tofu 10-30-02 01:21 PM

ewww . . she really does need all that makeup.

Tom Banjo 10-30-02 01:29 PM

Originally posted by Mopower
HA, Not if you get rid of her makeup.


MJKTool 10-30-02 01:54 PM

wow the wonders of makeup :yack:

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