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Norm de Plume 10-06-02 01:59 PM

Gianna Nannini - Anyone else know/like her?
A sultry-voiced Italian rock queen of the '80s. Admittedly, I'm not very familiar with her music, as I only have an old tape of various songs (in Italian) that someone recorded for me, but what I have is almost all great stuff, musically.

I'm especially fond of:
-Vieni Ragazzo

I also like:
-Bla Bla
-Amore Amore
-Latin Lover

Norm de Plume 10-16-02 11:21 PM

Gianna Nannini - Anyone else know/like her?
Apparently not. That's too bad.

kitkat 05-20-07 04:01 PM

I love her! Wow, I've been a fan since the early 80's, but have never met anyone else native to this continent who's ever heard of her or cared who she was. She's still around, by the way. Her latest CD was released last month, and last year's Grazie was a smash in Italy.

I do like her early stuff, but I like her 90's and more recent stuff even more. My favorite albums are California ('79), Cuore ('98), Grazie ('06) and maybe Dispetto ('95). Favorite songs - far too many to list. The woman has over 30 years of work!

I know this is quite a thread bump, but I was excited to see her name actually show up when I did a search, and I saw that the OP is still active here. Norm de Plume, are you still a fan?

For those who were interested enough to click on this thread, here's a couple of YouTube links, if you want to know who we're talking about:

America, 1985 (probably NWS, in a country that freaked out about Janet Jackson)
America, 1998
Scandalo, 1990
Amandoti, 2004
Sei nell'anima, 2006

Edited for Norm: shitty-but-still-watchable/listenable camcorder fooatage of her performing Primadonna last New Years in Palermo.
And how could I forget - Sognami, 1985

Norm de Plume 05-22-07 09:45 PM

Hi kitkat, talk about reviving a corpse; this thing is almost five years old.

Admittedly, I haven't listened to her recently, but I have always been planning to. I only have one album, Tutto Live, but maybe I will give those you recommended a try. My aunt in Germany is the one who first turned me on to her music back in the late '80s, but I have never really explored her repertoire further other than listening to a few things at allmusic.

Love that raspy voice.

kitkat 05-26-07 03:20 PM

Originally Posted by Norm de Plume
Love that raspy voice.

Yeah, for me it's all about that voice!

Some of her stuff is out of print and hard to come by, but you can find some on Amazon. ITunes has her 2nd live album, Gianissima, and Grazie. You'd definitely like Gianissima since you like Tutto Live. Of the discs I mentioned, Cuore and Dispetto seem to be a bit hard to come by these days.

Funny, I got turned onto her by a friend in Germany too. It seems that she was popular there before she became a hit in Italy. Apparently she was a bit controversial for late 70's Italian society - singing about sex and dressing like a rocker instead of acting traditionally feminine. The Germans knew a good thing when they heard it, though!

SanDhyal 06-21-07 09:12 AM

I was seching around and found this thread. I am Gianna Fan since 85. I went to a lot of concerts, when I was still in Germany. Listen to Gianna is one thing. But seeing her live is just..... wow!

kitkat 06-23-07 10:42 AM

Originally Posted by SanDhyal
I was seching around and found this thread. I am Gianna Fan since 85. I went to a lot of concerts, when I was still in Germany. Listen to Gianna is one thing. But seeing her live is just..... wow!

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing her live yet; I've mostly only seen her in youtube videos. I've been reading reports of her current summer tour and it sounds like she's as good as ever!

In Italy yesterday Giannissima was re-released on DVD! I haven't figured out how to get ahold of a copy yet, but I will, I will. I hope to see the real thing someday, but until then that will tide me over nicely.

kitkat 07-01-07 06:08 PM

She's giving a concert in London today - actually, right now, and I thought this was a really good article.

Italian rock chick takes on the UK
By Simon Hardeman
Published: 28 June 2007

She's the most famous rock star you've never heard of. She has played with Sting, Annie Lennox, Giorgio Moroder and many more; she was produced by the man who inspired David Bowie and Brian Eno; her albums sell millions; and she regularly plays live to tens of thousands at a time.

She's a national figure in Italy who has to go out in disguise and who revels in causing scandals, whether singing about masturbation and gas chambers, or scaling the French embassy for Greenpeace. Her last album, Grazie, was Italy's bestselling CD, and contained its top single, most-played radio song, and the best video. It stayed at number one for 11 weeks and in the top 10 for eleven months.

Yet Gianna Nannini has remained invisible to the English-speaking world, having never recorded in English. That changes on Grazie, though, produced by Wil Malone, the man who created the fabulous string arrangements for The Verve, and with whom she will play a one-off concert on Sunday.

Nannini is a shock. She rocks, her voice a throaty rasp that lies somewhere between Joe Cocker, Edith Piaf, and the morning after a very good party. "I discovered at 10 years old that I had a different voice," she tells me "and the choir was better with me in it".

Nannini is always changing, and Grazie finds her sounding wonderfully gravelly across Malone's string arrangements and, on the international release, singing in English for the first time on CD, on "Hold the Moon", a new lyric to the tune of her European hit, "Sei Nell'anima".

"I believe in an identity in Italian", she told me. "I never heard Puccini in English". Her live sound, ranging from the bombastic to the breathily intimate, and her energetic theatrics, are reminiscent of Queen. But Shepherds Bush on Sunday promises to be different: the London Session Orchestra, who played on the album, will back the singer.

Nannini has a phrase for what she does. "It's rock, brackets, Mediterranean," she says. The reality is simpler. It's rock, brackets, surprisingly good.

1 July (www.shepherds-bush-empire.co.uk). 'Grazie' is out on Polydor

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