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Deftones 06-26-02 11:37 PM

Anyone get the new Soulfly disc?
I was going to listen to it on www.roadrunnerrecords.com the other day, but I didn't get the chance. Anyone pick it up?

Thunderball 06-27-02 08:01 AM

No, but I'm probably getting it this weekend, I'll let you kno

Venom 06-29-02 11:37 PM

i got it on tuesday. i was really excited for it. cancelled the order at DDC when it didn't ship by monday.

i've only listen to it 3 times so far, it really isn't doing anything for me yet. but i'm not gonna write the album off, since i only liked 2 or 3 songs off primative the first few listens, then loved every song on it. i'm sure i'll like it alot more after getting it into my head, but i think primative is so great it won't be topped anytime soon.

you guys listen to it yet? curious for other opinons.

Thunderball 06-30-02 01:01 AM

I picked it up, I enjoyed a few songs, but it's not as gripping to me as the Soulfly CD was.

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