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Thumbs 05-21-02 05:37 PM

Cactus Cafe - UT Austin - Info?
I'm thinking about seeing a band at the Cactus Cafe. It's located on the UT campus in Austin. Has anyone been there? I read that it is first come, first served--i.e. no advance ticket sales. Day of event only. Any input would be appreciated!

chays99 05-27-02 09:25 AM

It's a small and intimate venue. I like the place quite a bit. I haven't been there in a long time though.

Find out what time the doors open and get there then. Everytime I have been there I never had a problem getting in near show time.

Who's playing?

Thumbs 05-27-02 01:23 PM

The Saw Doctors

from their website, sawdoctors.com:
"The Saw Doctors were together for a decade before they released their first all-new album in America in 1998. In the four years since, the group from the western Galway town of Tuam has made up for lost time, building a solid following throughout the world. With their latest effort, ''Villains?,'' a hook-laden mix of rock, pop, and traditional Irish roots, the Saw Doctors assume their place next to U2, the Pogues, and Thin Lizzy as one of the Emerald Isle's great rock bands. Bassist/vocalist Pearse Doherty continues to provide rock-solid support for the guitar wizardry of Leo Moran and the brogue-heavy singing of Davy Carlton. The band's sound is strengthened by the addition of horn players Anthony Thistlewaite and Danni Healy. Guest vocalists Mary O'Connor and Maureen Stevens, along with synthesist and programmer Giles Packham, further enhance the album's wall of sound." CRAIG HARRIS - Boston Globe, March

Thumbs 05-27-02 01:32 PM

They usually tour in the northeast. Last year we caught them at the House of Blues in New Orleans and got to meet them. Very casual and friendly. It was a great show considering they only played an hour and were opening. One of the few bands I recommend that my friends check out.

Thanks for you reply. I'm really curious how the club is set-up and whether or not we should get there early. I understand the sound is excellent, but is it SRO or seated or what? What was your experience like?

chays99 05-28-02 06:48 PM

I would get there early. You can sit around and have a couple of drinks. The stage is very small. There are several tables near the stage. If you don't get a table, you will have to stand towards the back.

The place is so small, you can see from anywhere.

Like I said, just get there early and get a table.

joefrog91 05-29-02 03:53 PM

Saw Kristin Hersh there and it is a very intimate setting. I was sitting so close to the stage that it felt like she was singing directly to me.

Thumbs 06-04-02 07:50 PM

The doors are supposed to open around 8:15 to 8:30. Any suggestions on how early to arrive to get the best seats?

And thanks for the info! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves!

subbacultcha 06-09-02 06:20 PM

Wow, I wanted to go to that Kristin Hersh show. I saw Daniel Johnston there among many others.

Remember.....NO SMOKING!

subbacultcha 06-09-02 06:24 PM

Oh yeah, get there about 8:00, have a few cool ones, you'll be fine. Now parking's a different story....leave at 5:00 ;)

guywall 06-18-02 05:07 PM

It's really small. I don't know it already happened, but get there early. It is inside the Student Union on the west mall, across the street from the Co-op.

Thumbs 06-18-02 09:29 PM

Saw Doctors
Tuesday, June 25th

Going a week from today! Thanks for the "preview" of the facility. It sounds like it's very intimate. They haven't played here since SXSW in '95, so we're really excited to have them back. Since it's a new market for them ti will be interesting to see how many folks venture out. Thanks again!

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