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Need advice on buying an acoustic guitar!

Old 05-01-02, 06:04 PM
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Need advice on buying an acoustic guitar!

I hope I started this in the right forum (please feel free to move this, mods). I've got about a month of guitar playing under my belt and am looking for my first guitar. I've met someone in my town who's willing to sell me a nearly brand new Fender Gemini III for $100. I've played it and it feels/sounds good (hard to tell with my inexperience though). Now what I'd like to know is if anyone has any experience with Fender acoustic guitars. I know that Fender specializes in electrics but are there acoustics comparable? Any good/bad experiences with them?
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That definatly sounds like a fair deal........I own just Fender electrics but most of the acoustics from Fender I've picked up do sound respectable. I'd recommend them actually, especially for that price.
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Old 05-01-02, 06:24 PM
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you might take a look at the offerings at

They have quite a few decent first guitar models in the sub- $180 range (and many right around $100).

I've never ordered a guitar from them, but have ordered many sets of strings, etc: all with no problems.

Personally, I have a Martin, but they're probably going to be out of the price range, unless you're willing to come up.

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I couldn't tell you whether that is a good deal or not. I never really look at acoustic prices (mainly because I only play electric). Although, I have heard good things about Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez and Martin. But that is only word of mouth.
But for $100 you can't go wrong.

/ modiman.
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I've checked out but have been hesitant to buy a guitar that retails at $100. My thought was that I could get a better value if I went with a used guitar. Like cars, I think guitars depreciate the second they are used. I could be wrong though.
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Cars are certainly not like guitars. A 1957 Gibson Les Paul brings a pretty penny. Some guitars actually sound better with age. Seagull acoustic guitars sound heavenly and as the wood ages, the sound improves. I never did get the whole story on the natural science behind this (I used to work in a guitar shop), but it is true. As long as a guitar has been cared for, age matters little. I'm inclined to tell you to go with the $100 acoustic. It's your first guitar, so there's no need to go all out. Things to look for would be loose frets, major cracks in the finish, cracks on the neck, etc... Also, listen to see if there are any vibrations when playing a clean note. This could indicate a slight warp in the neck. Usually, this can be adjusted.
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What Scorpio said... Depending on the type, guitars can retain or increase their value over time. Now, the local pawn shop special certainly will not, but a handmade or "classic" instrument certainly will.

The Fender is probably fine (an OK starter axe) for $100... You'll want to adjust the action and tweak it to your specs though. That said, you'll be wanting something else if you stick with it... So, if you have the extra cash, take your time and look around.

I have an Alvarez-Yairi that I like A LOT... I also have an older Gibson that I still bang on... I've played everything from handmades to Fenders to Ovations and Martins and the Alvarez seems "right" for my style...
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