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DodgingCars 04-29-02 03:38 PM

NOFX/Rancid Tour
Ok, so I went to see NOFX and Rancid this last Saturday. I saw them play at the Glass House in Pomona -- we chose to go there instead of the HOB shoes, because frankly, I think its a better venue to see bands play.

The Glass House is fairly small, probably holds about as many people as the average HOB. We got their a little early so we went and stood on these platform things on the side of the room (the stage is facing diagnolly, so we had a pretty straight on view. And, we were probably only about 30 feets from the stage. The platform is about 2 feet above the ground, which made it perfect for my short friend (about 5'1") to see over people's heads. Good view of the pits too.

This is the first time I've seen Rancid at such a small venue. I've seen them about 5 time prior, and at least 3 of those were at the Hollywood Palladium (which sucks big time -- The sound is horrible in there). They were awesome. They played really tight and the sound was good. They were very energetic and they played a long set, as well as music from various albums. I think they played at least one song from each album. They also played their cover of NOFX's "Bob". Very good set.

NOFX ended up playing last, which is sort of surprising. I was a little disappointed with NOFX's set list. They played a lot of their new stuff (I'm talking post So Long...). I was hoping for more stuff from White Trash and Punk in Drublic.. or even some stuff from Heacy Petting Zoo -- which I don't even remember them playing one song from that album. In fairness though, they said they were trying to play different songs then they played from their previous nights performaces -- for the people who were going to more than one of their shows. All in all, it was a pretty typical NOFX show.. they played tight, good song, lots of jokes in between songs. I don't know if they played an encore.. we left... the lights had come on, and that's usually a sign that no encore would be played.

As for the openers. Well, one really crappy band, F-minus opened. This is the second time I've had the extreme displeasure of seeing this truly horrible band. Do yourself a favor and come late if you know this band is going to be playing.

The 2nd band was The Real Mackenzies(sp?). They were a Scottish Punk band -- complete with kilts -- And the singer made sure we knew that he wasn't wearing anything underneath -- I became pretty good at averting my eyes in time to avoid seeing his manhood. They were pretty good (musically)... pretty entertaining... but I really didn't need to see the guys penis.

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