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MatthewCho 04-24-02 09:23 PM

New Cyndi Lauper Album Due In Fall
From a Cyndi board, regarding an appearance on April 4:

"One piece of music news she shared with the audience is that she was able to purchase her music back from Edel, and has signed with a major label. She said the newly worked CD would be out in the fall."

This album is rumored to be called "Shine," and was ready for release on Edel America about 1.5 years ago. The company folded just before the release date.

I've downloaded two track from the CD, "Shine" and "Madonna Whore."

- Matt

grunter 04-24-02 10:30 PM

On this new album, will we see her "twue culwers shining fwew?"

Cyndi & Elmer Fudd: do they share DNA? Discuss.


shrike 04-24-02 11:11 PM

I catch a lot of flack from friends for liking Cyndi but I don't care. She is very underrated. Anyone ever see her performance of John Lennon's Working Class Hero several years back at a Lennon tribute concert? She kicked ass and blew everyone else off the stage that night. Hope the new album does good for her.

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