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jpcamb 04-24-02 02:16 PM

Recording live shows?
So do we have an bootlegers in the crowd? A few bands I'm a fan of openly allow taping of their shows and I'm wondering what good equipment to get would be. I'm thinking a mini disc recorder and microphone, don't want to break the bank but i want at least listenable quality. Suggestions?

GoVegan 04-24-02 03:14 PM

I've been taping almost every show that I've gone to for the past nine months now. The only times I haven't were when I thought security would be way too tight.

I've just been using a Sony MZR-700 and a $70 mic for recording. Grand total was around $270. I've recorded 23 shows since then, so that's not too bad. Another 250 shows and I'll be down to $2 per show, counting the media. ;) I suppose that probably won't be happening for a while.

It's remarkably easy to get the recorder into shows. I've only been to one show with metal detector wands, and I just went back to my car with the recorder and went to the show without it.

Quality of the recordings has ranged from good to excellent. I've been really happy with the whole setup so far. I know that a lot of people spend way more money on recording equipment, battery boxes, etc. but this is perfect for my needs. I just like to be able to listen to shows again at my leisure.

I'm not sure what your budget is, but I'm sure you could get less expensive equipment and still be happy with the sound.

Ergyu 04-24-02 06:39 PM

I've got the MZR 700 also, and they are great for bootlegging. Very small and easily hides in your undies hehe. Another option is if you come prepared, you might be able to convince the soundboard op to let you patch in and record straight from the board.

hungskater1 04-25-02 12:37 AM

How ofton have you been able to patch into the soundboard. Do the bands bring there own soundboard guys or do the venues/small clubs) have there own soundboard guys. Also what bands have you had luck in taping from the board.

jpcamb 04-25-02 08:34 AM

as far as patching into the board do you use a RCA cable or what?

Thanks for the recomendation!

Ergyu 04-26-02 08:56 AM

Unfortunately I don't have all of the equipment to patch right in, and probably couldn't get in with it all anyway.

A great site (from where I got that info) is minidisc.org. They have some forums with all kinds of information.

The common answer it seems is to know exactly what you might run into because different techs may be running different hardware needing various connectors. Some people on there make a little kit with every possible connector.

Most bands, even at shows with multiple performances, bring their own sound tech guy, but use the same board. If it is a big tour, they all bring their own. I think it's pretty rare to have one there already in a venue.

Anyway, I would bring a small mini Mic or something along those lines if you are going to attempt to get a soundboard recording just in case they don't let you. Some techs are cool and will help you patch it up and stuff, others don't let you at all, and then others let you, but are real *******s and let you fend for yourself. Just don't let them take it from you! hehe.

Chrisedge 05-14-02 03:28 PM

I have a Sony PCM-M1 Dat recorder and some Sound Professional Mics. A little over $1300 total. So far done 10 shows and 12 bands...
  • The Cult (First show, cut short! Damm Batteries!!)
  • Depeche Mode
  • X and The Original Sinners
  • Weezer, Tenacious D and Jimmy Eat World
  • 3!! U2 Shows and No Doubt
  • Bush
  • Alanis Morissette and Ryan Adams

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