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bse 04-18-02 01:18 AM

Live Phish
Are there any heads that post here? What do you think about the selection of shows phish put out? I picked all of the new ones up yesterday and so far ive only made it threw 8-26-89 which is a great show its got a couple great jams. If anybody out there hasnt heard phish live you defintly have to give them a chance Cant wait for the Trey tour..../

grunter 04-18-02 09:47 AM

Man, I wish I could afford these.

I've only picked up two of the first series of six. I tend to wait around till I find them somewhat cheap in the used bins.

And yeah, I can't wait for the Trey tour this summer - even if it is small consolation for an end to this Phish hiatus.

Gdrlv 04-18-02 11:53 AM

Haven't picked up any of the new discs yet, but I've got the first six. I'll get 7-12 eventually. I'm glad they've wisened up and are putting filler on the discs now.

I read an interview with Kevin Shapiro, their archivist, not too long ago, and he's trying to convince them to put Big Cypress on DVD. That would be awesome...

Looking forward to the Trey tour. I'll be at the 2 Vegas shows.

larryw 04-18-02 11:54 AM

I've got all of them. While I think the second set are solid shows it seems like the first set had some things that made the shows stand out. Like the Darien jams, the wipeout teases, the raging Antelope on 7.16.94. Maybe I just need to listen to them more.

Johnny Zhivago 04-18-02 11:55 AM

Semi-head here... Probably did 20 shows from the mid 90's thru 2000. To be honest, I'm pretty burnt out at the moment but I'll probably pick up the Deer Creek show since I was there... How's the quality on that one?

Skipping Trey myself but I will attend a moe. show or three and probably a String Cheese Incident gig if time and money allow...

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