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DrRingDing 04-13-02 12:33 AM

Operatic Duet from Buick Commercial?
there is a particular Buick commercial that i've seen a couple times now that features a duet between an alto and a soprano... i'm curious what song it is and who wrote it... anybody know?! it's an absolutely gorgeous song!

thank you!
-di doctor-

DrRingDing 04-16-02 12:16 AM

it's actually British Airlines.. d'oh
so... i was wrong.. the commercial that i am referring to is actually for British Airlines and not buick...

so, any of the nine of you who read this thread know?

hopefully a mod can change the thread title... ? *puppy-dog eyes*
-di doctor-

davidave 04-16-02 01:04 AM

aria by yanni

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