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sebastianv50 04-12-02 12:43 AM

What are your favorite Oasis songs?
My top 3 would be : Live Forever, Don't Look Back in Anger, and Don't Go Away. Followed Closely by Go Let it Out and Whatever.

codefree 04-12-02 12:51 AM

Fave album tracks...

Cigarettes & Alcohol
Little James
Live Forever
My Big Mouth

Fave b-sides...

It's Better People

Beetlebum 04-12-02 12:51 AM

Don't Look Back in Anger, Don't Go Away, Rock N' Roll Star, Half the World Away, The Masterplan, Gas Panic

Josh H 04-12-02 01:09 AM

I've never liked them enough to buy an album as their music tends to annoy me after a while, but I do really like Don't Go Away and Wonderwall.

Butters 04-12-02 09:45 AM

Don't Go Away, Listen Up, Slide Away are my top 3.

tofu 04-12-02 10:58 AM

Rocking Chair
Slide Away

But I actually like all their songs. :thumbsup:

Giles 04-12-02 11:53 AM

The Masterplan
Dont Look Back in Anger
Cigerettes and Alcohol

Starlover 04-12-02 03:12 PM

Live Forever
Rock N' Roll Star
Slide Away
Fade Away
Cast No Shadow
D'you Know What I Mean
Gas Panic

Yancey 04-12-02 03:14 PM

Their best song by far is "Listen Up." Great sustained guitar line. I love how it clashes and then harmonizes with Liam's voice. Oasis definitely have their moments.

dork 04-12-02 05:11 PM

She's Electric

BenFolds 04-12-02 07:08 PM

Originally posted by dork
She's Electric
"She's Electric" is a good song almost ruined by terrible lyrics like "and on the palm of her hand is a blister."

My top 3 however are:
Go Let it Out
Don't Look Back in Anger

BDB 04-12-02 11:42 PM

Slide Away

Live Forever - for certain a classic.

Solve My Mystery

Jack Straw 04-12-02 11:59 PM

It kinda blows my mind that Rockin' Chair was not commercially released until "Masterplan" was released. It is so far and away a great tune that had it been offered up an LP and not as a B-side for so long could have produced even more chart recognition for the band.

Back on topic, I really enjoy:

Slide Away
Roll With It
Don't Look Back In Anger
My Big Mouth
Stand By Me
It's Gettin' Better Man
Rockin' Chair
The Masterplan
Who Feels Love?

Spike Jonze 04-13-02 12:28 AM

F***kin In The Bushes ;)

Ozzy's Bat Head 04-13-02 04:03 AM

Huh, I'm surprised my favorite 2 haven't been mentioned yet, Supersonic & What's the story morning glory. I mean, they were the 1st single's off their 1st 2 albums AND they did name their 2nd album after the song. Why give your album such a lame name unless you really love the song? I remember reading an interview with Metallica's Lars Ulrich and he was asked "what song would you cover if you could". His answer? Supersonic. CNN should run that as a Factoid.

boobietheclown 04-13-02 12:16 PM

dont look back in anger
all around the world
track #1 off standing on the shoulders of giants

mdc3000 04-14-02 01:34 AM

SOME MIGHT SAY...#1 with a bullet
Married with Children
Gas Panic!
The Girl in the dirty shirt


The Bus 04-14-02 09:06 AM

Any track on (What's The Story) Morning Glory

kevin75 04-14-02 07:07 PM

Originally posted by The Bus
Any track on (What's The Story) Morning Glory
yeah that was a really great album. i also think that their performance witout liam on ntv was incredible. noel does such a better job then liam. as for some of my other favs, i like sad song and stay young although most everything they have done is high on my list.

BDB 04-14-02 08:31 PM

the more I listen to the new album, the more songbird grows on me.

Anthony Soprano 04-14-02 08:52 PM

Live Forever
Slide Away
D'you Know What I Mean
Gas Panic

mdc3000 04-15-02 06:36 PM

Originally posted by BadlyDrawnBoy
the more I listen to the new album, the more songbird grows on me.
the new new album? Heathen Chemistry??? Where'd you find it (mp3's) and how is it?


BDB 04-16-02 01:31 AM

Originally posted by mdc3000

the new new album? Heathen Chemistry??? Where'd you find it (mp3's) and how is it?


I like it a lot, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the link, or if you search down the page for heathen it's in there somewhere either that link or the one for Moby

dek 04-16-02 08:55 AM

All songs have to be sung by Noel on this list :

Take Me Away
Slide Away
Half The World Away
Talk Tonight
Angel Child
Going Nowhere
Cast No Shadow
Sad Song

Covers by Noel :
To Be Someone

The only song by Liam is Don't Go Away

If you can find a CD called Working Class Hero, it is all songs sung acoustic by Noel. Brilliant.

Da Thrilla 04-16-02 04:15 PM

Champagne Supernova

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