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Jepthah 04-11-02 07:56 PM

New Gomez album--opinions?
Rumblings in my local indie record shop are that there is indeed a new Gomez LP--In Our Gun.

Having liked their last two, I'm wondering if any of you have heard it and what you think. At least there is no more Strokes-style hype around them (which was OK, because I always thought their music was basically good).

Yancey 04-12-02 11:20 AM

The album is alright. I'm really not a big fan of theirs. I thought Bring It On was very good and it's been downhill from there. The new one has three or four really good songs. I interviewed them a few weeks ago. You can read a short piece I wrote about them and the new album at neumu.com. Just look under the news section if you are interested.

Giles 04-12-02 11:38 AM

I know your not supposed to take for granted or believe the reviews of the fickle UK music reviewers. But I have yet to hear a positive review of this album.

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