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Alien Redrum 04-10-02 01:52 AM

Megadeth Fans - I need your help!
My brother in-law is trying to find a song from Megadeth. First person to identify the song gets a thanks! :D Here are your clues:

Big Hit in 96-97
Starts fast then slows down then fast again.

He said if you can give him some of their more popular songs in 96-97 era, he could probably narrow it down.

Much thanks in advance.


B5Erik 04-10-02 02:01 AM

"Trust" comes to mind...

Salsa Shark 04-10-02 03:49 PM

Starts fast then slows down then fast again.
That's almost every Megadeth song! :D

If it was out in 96-97 it probably came off of "Cryptic Writings". Does he know any lines/lyrics from the song? He can always check out http://www.towerrecords.com for samples of each song.

Ozzy's Bat Head 04-11-02 03:27 AM

Great to see a Megadeth Thread! 96-97 would have been off "Cryptic Writings", the singles that I remember were Trust & Almost Honest. As an aside, for true comedy, watch the Megadeth Behind the Music for Dave's list of drugs he's taken, classic.

Alien Redrum 04-11-02 03:39 PM

Thanks for the replies! I will forward this link to my in-law to get him started. I'm curious to see what song it is he wants.


grunter 04-11-02 05:29 PM


I thought this was going to be a petition to get Megadeth back together again.

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