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Phil Pugliese 04-07-02 08:57 PM

IMDB (type) for music?
Is there such a site?

atlantamoi 04-07-02 08:59 PM

Have you checked out www.allmusic.com ?

Phil Pugliese 04-07-02 09:08 PM

Kinda like that!


grunter 04-08-02 01:02 PM

Now if "allmusic" would just get busy and publish their 3rd Ed. of the "AllMusic Guide to Rock." Dammit.

My old "bible" is starting to look frayed and beat-up.

Pikul 04-08-02 01:55 PM

Have no fear, Grunter. It's due out in May.

grunter 04-08-02 03:14 PM

:up: on the new edition!!

Of course, this means I'll have to transfer all my scritch marks and notes to a spankin-new fresh copy.

This book is unbelievably invaluable to me. I consult it almost daily. Every serious music fan should have a copy.

grunter 04-08-02 03:54 PM

Even better news!!

Amazon says that the 3rd edition will be published April 16, 2002.

With all the "Attack of the Clones" merchandise coming out April 23, together with the Batman Animated DVDs - that week is going to be very, very expensive.

Pikul 04-08-02 04:38 PM

Er, Amazon's date is inaccurate. My source is pretty reliable. :)

Yancey 04-08-02 04:42 PM

Originally posted by Pikul
Er, Amazon's date is inaccurate. My source is pretty reliable. :)
Your source is better than Amazon?!? How could that be? What, are you pretending that you work for them again? It's time to stop that Pikul!

JAA 04-08-02 05:53 PM

Just a comment on ALL MUSIC GUIDE (allmusic.com). This is the best site of its kind on the entire web. I have used it for years. :up:

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