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Oaker 11-12-01 10:27 PM

song in "the royal tennenbaums" trailer (this is killing me!!)
hey all,

I recently saw the royal tennenbaums trailer and thought it was amazing. What is the song that is played in it? It is really good and I'd love to download it.

any help would be hot,



Groucho 11-12-01 10:44 PM

Which song do you mean? Two different songs play in the trailer.

Anyhoo, the first song is "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" by Paul Simon.

jiggyblau 11-12-01 10:47 PM

Couldn't agree more. Trailer was awesome. So was the movie I saw after it..."Amelie."

Troy Stiffler 11-12-01 10:49 PM

Isn't it a Ramones song?

chunk 11-12-01 11:14 PM

Judy is a Punk by the Ramones

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