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Weapon X 10-22-01 07:40 AM

Thread: Severe Alice Cooper "Prime Cuts" Dvd Possible Issue! Disc 2
I have no current e-mail, otherwise I would have e-mailed this to a Mod, but WHY was this moved?

D. I see Threads in here all the time about upcoming DVD releases by bands..THESE are not removed...

The fact is, in the Audio Forum..well, I'd never been in there...and realistically, I will get the most answers IN HERE, as this is the most commonly viewed page. I am NOT asking an audio question...and this is important to me. As far as I could peruse, I saw a list of upcoming MUSIC CD's and DVD-A releases discussion, but this is WELL within the DVDTalk MAIN area..a DVD, and a GLITCH.

Again, to the Mod, I sincerely apologize for reposting, and even protesting, as I'm not into complaining, but my e-mail is down for awhile.

The original text:


Okay, I sold my OLD copy of Prime Cuts, and got this new one..two discs...and on Disc One, I can't seem to find "Chapters" which is annoying, but maybe I am not looking....

On Disc One, it lists the Jukebox, which seems to be just CLIPS from the chapters..NOT the WHOLE songs(BUMMER!!!), etc.

I LOVE the new case, adn the idea of a Double DVD set, but I am wondering if I should return it....

On Disc 2, I press Play, it goes to the SAME menu!!!

Then I select "Jukebox"..SAME DEAL!!!

The ONLY things I can get to work on Disc Two are the Photo Galleries, and Credits, and The Game....

Now, I THOUGHT maybe the Game was a "Double Easter Egg"...you win, you get the interview(IS this ONLY accesable through the game, again and again???Annoying!)..but it would also give you extra Jukebox songs, etc...

So, did I get a bum disc? Did THEY mess up?

Why a SECOND disc for another interview(Again, no chapters, so I have no idea how long it is...), a 'Game' to view the interview..and a photo gallery??

This is confusing at best.

Any disc reviews out there???


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