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DVD soundtracks and MP3s

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DVD soundtracks and MP3s

Hi, I have some songs I would like to get, but I can't find soundtracks to buy (more obscure or older movies). Is it possible to rip MP3s from DVDs?

Is this a dumb question?
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To be a bit more specific, you could do an analog recording of the audio and make that into an mp3 file. Or you could rip the AC-3 track and convert/downmix it into a stereo MP3 file. But there's no way to make it just the musical soundtrack. You'd have the dialog, sound effects, etc. on the track too, just as if you were watching the movie (without the video).
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perhaps the songs are available off the soundtracks? or were they specifically for the movie? many times songs that do not appear on a soundtrack will be on the artists album.

just a thought.
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I have yet to try this, but it looks like this program does what you want to do:
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when I want to make an analog copy of a music score from a movie, I'll plug into the rear speakers. That way you get stereo sound, but dialog is usually muted.
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hi there. i have a problem and was wondering if anyone could help me. it's quite simple really. i would like to extract the dvd score with sound fx from a dvd and i have a dvd audio ripper software program which does just that. it extracts all the audio from the dvd into mp3 files. One problem: it extracts the dialogue as well which i don't want. i just want all the music score and fx if that's possible. How do i get rid of all the dialogue leaving strictly just the score music? anyone know a way to do it or a program,

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The ripper is only going to extract the audio tracks that are on the DVD. In most cases, that's a fully mixed track that includes score, effects, and dialogue all on it. In some instances an isolated score may be included as an alternate audio track, but it's not terribly common.

You could try using a software vocal eliminator on the audio track. However, these only work on certain stereo tracks, and make not be 100% effective.
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thanks and i downloaded both programs but they don't work too well. You can still hear the characters from the movie talking but its faded out a bit. It's better than nothing but i need something that can completely erase all the talking or vocals.
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Originally Posted by Samira
It's better than nothing but i need something that can completely erase all the talking or vocals.
Never going to happen. As per this site: "there is still no such thing as a 100% perfect [vocal] removal." Also, per that site, there's another vocal removal method using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) method that may work better, but again isn't perfect.

I found a site that had such a program as shareware:
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Last time I needed to rip audio from a DVD (years ago), I used this:

SmartRipper, dvd2avi, azid, and LAME

I'm sure better tools have surfaced.
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thanks again for the links Jay G. One site you have to pay 25 dollars. I listened to some samples however and they did a pretty good job. I don't have the direct x software and i tried downloading it but it didn't go to my start/program files menu. i tried putting it in winamp/plug ins but i couldn't locate it. Whats interesting is that i recently downloaded track 3 "banning back home" from the movie "hook" score and i found that the entire track was probably ripped from a dvd because it had complete sound fx but no vocals/dialogue whatsoever. they had been totally cut out. interesting eh?

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A friend of mine did it using the Super converter.

I don't know exactly know how he did it though.
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Wasn't this question just asked in the PC forum and the thread closed?
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well i keep on searching and searching for a good vocal remover. So far i finally found one exceptional vocal remover. The result when i remove the vocals from my dvd file is a little poorer quality than the original file but its still sounds alright. the name of the program is karaoke sound tools. one problem is that the volume is significantly reduced a huge deal when i remove the vocals. i dont know why that is? when im listening to the vocally removed track on headphones its ok but when i take the headphones out and listen to the track on speakers i can barely hear a thing. oh well. + its shareware so i might as well pay through credit card.
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It looks like there might be an output signal level. Possibly adjusting that would bring the volume of your mp3 up.
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